Grocery Store Wars

“May the Farm be with you……always”

While we are on the topic of farms and health I thought I would share this hilarious video spoof of the Star Wars Movie about vegetables and organic food. It’s good fun and educational too! So much of the corporate “farms” these days use large amounts of pesticides, genectic engineering, and practices which are not sustainable in our environment.

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7 Responses to “Grocery Store Wars”

  1. that was way too funny! i remember eating raw carrots and green peas in punjab like they were candy; and when i tasted carrots here for the first time they had no taste. they were just bigger.

    but my only question is how is the organic food industry regulated. Does the FDA have strict guidelines as to what can be called organic? and what are those guidelines?

  2. kiran says:

    hey GM, how do? i just wanted to ask…..

    Whats with all the food issues? how comes its troubling soo much….Dont u think that people know about these issues anyway? I can safely say they do, but they choose not to be affected it by it…. like me…..i think its a way of life and eating meat is a means of survival….as for religion….there are rules about eating meat….but its how we intrepret them…..and since interpetation is wide and far….then no one is right or wrong on these issues and we sould just agree to disagree and leave it at that…..

  3. ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ ji: Here is info from the USDA website on the applicable regulations:

    Also, I wanted to mention a really interesting book that is tangentally relevant to the Grocery Store Wars video – called The Botony of Desire – interesting overall, but also has a fantastic section on potato farming – organic and diversified vs. “standardized for McDonalds et al.” consumption. Highly recommended!

  4. thank you Gurukarm. I tried to find something myself but couldn’t. That’s exactly what i was looking for.

    Have a wonderful and glorious day!:)

  5. Kiran, this info may be obvious and known to you…but I think there are quite a few people that have no idea about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey can anyone tell me if eggs are classed as meat in sikhi?

  7. Guruka Singh says:

    Well, There’s no mention of eggs per se in Gurbani that I know of. But eggs are essentially chicken menstruation – the unfertilized ova of the chicken. If they are fertilized, then they are baby chickens. Either way… yuck!