Meet your Meat…

Ok… I just came across this video and thought I would share it with you all. I’m not trying to give a guilt trip to those people that eat meat, but I think is important to be aware and know the reality of inhumane treatment; To know what happens to animals before it ends up on your plate. It is amazing how "meat farmers" can be so cold and heartless, and do the things they do to the animals. The mass production of companies and goal of higher profits is all part of it. It really shows how humans can be desensitizing to not have feelings of suffering for living things. As long as it is not human…then it must be ok? I don’t think so. The reality is that most people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at these "farms". It is not only the treatment…it is the drugs (hormones, anti-biotics) which they use to make the animals grow faster and stay alive long enough for slaughter. These drugs and chemicals are in the meat which you eat and pose a risk in your health too. You are what you eat, right? This is not even going into the health issues with just eating meat. Some Sikhs say… "as long as the animal is not killed in the Halal way then it is ok". If you ask me…I would consider most meat to be killed in the "halal way", aka: inhumanely. When you go to the super market and buy some meat or order a hamburger…do you ever relate that chunk of meat to something that used to be living and was treated very badly? I think these days we have become very disconnected with things on this the earth. I won’t go on since I know this is a touchy subject for many. I’m not trying to make people feel bad. I just want people to know the reality. For me without even going into anything Sikhi I won’t eat meat for these reasons. There are so many negative things about it and it is not worth it to me. These days there are so many options for being vegeterian that filling my stomach at the expense of pain and suffering to animals doesn’t go well with me.Click Here To watch the video. Not recommended for Children. Graphic material!!Also check out the Meatrix which us a light cartoon spoof of "The Matrix" movie and gives some of the basics. If you must eat meat then search this website for places you can buy meat that is healthfull, humane and better for the environment.Interested in learning more about becoming vegetarian? You can order a free Vegetarian Starter Kit! or download the PDF file which has all kinds of good information, recipes, etc.Ps. If you do eat meet I highly recommend that you read up at: On the left hand side there is a section called "The Issues" which gives an overview of the different issues relating to eating meat that you should be concerned with (Cruelty to Animals, Health Concerns, The Environment, World Hunger, Poisoning Communities, etc). For those who would rather not know about this stuff…some quotes to think about: "The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding." – "Ignorance is not bliss – it is oblivion"If you have comments please keep them nice and clean.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man that was disgusting…absoulutly awful!
    ive emailed it to all my mates…hopefully they my see some sence now…and i hope many others do the same.

  2. I agree with you…with the inhumane treatment of 90% of the animals that are killed for human consumption. And I don’t think we should eat that meat. I can say that now but as a college student strapped for cash i found .99 cent cheeseburgers very enticing.

    nowadays being a vegeterian costs money, a lot more money than non-vegtrn. so i think it’s an economical thing too. simply put vegetables cost more than meat.

    there are so many reasons why you should either cut down your meat consumption or not eat it at all without even going into morality issue of it.

    also meat is addictive. i eat meat but not as much as i used to. if anyone is thinking about quiting i suggest you do it very slowly. if you’re thinking about taking Amrit i suggest you stop eating it well before you take Amrit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    thank you for this interpretation of halaal. i hadn’t thought of modern cruelty as an extension of the sikh interpretation of the concept of halaal.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I think we are missing the point here …. if we all genuinly care about the treatment of animals then we should accept the fact people are going to eat meat and support ways to stop this treatment.

    Am i missing the point here, do we really care about the treatment of these animals or are we just trying to convert people to being vegetarian? I’ve seen some dairy cows being treated worse…and they have to endure it longer…shall we stop drinking milk.

    Finnaly while we are on the topic of meat eating lets take a minute to see what Guru Nanak has to say:

    SGGS Ang 1289:

  5. that was awful, so sad how animals are treated. i read about it a long time ago and became vegetarian. I hope ppl watch it ans see the cruelty.

  6. >>if we all genuinly care about
    >>the treatment of animals then we
    >>should accept the fact people
    >>are going to eat meat and support
    >>ways to stop this treatment.

    This is not a shallow topic. There are many implications and it is not so simple as that. Of course we should try to help with this problem…but it is bigger than just that. Read more on the links that I posted and you will see what I mean. Just by being more conscious and aware, that is making a change too. People can cause change also just by not buying something.

    >>are we just trying to convert
    >>people to being vegetarian

    This is not about conversion to vegetarianism. It’s about being human to animals….our environment…and ourselves. It’s about being aware of where the meat comes from and at what expense.

    >>I’ve seen some dairy cows being
    >>treated worse…and they have to
    >>endure it longer…shall we stop
    >>drinking milk.

    If you watched the video you would have seen the part on cows which talks about that. I for one don’t drink milk much. I mostly have soy/rice/almond milk. However when we do buy milk we only use Organic milk which is from cows not treated with hormones, antibiotics and such.

    There is so much injustice and problems in this day and age. To ignore them will not make them go away. My point was to bring awareness not to judge people who eat meat.

    Thanks for the quote from Guru Nanak. I have to say though that for one you cannot translate Gurbani to suit your needs. People do this way to much. Gurbani is soo deep and wide. Too often people forget the context and look at translations in a black or white way. Also…the issues relating to meat could very well be very different from those of today.

  7. Another factor is that the flesh of animals stays in the human body for 24 hours in a state of putrafaction (rotting) before the body can digest it fully and elimnate the waste. That puts you:
    1: less able to meditate….because of the excess of uric acid in your system which makes you hyper. antsy
    2. consuming flesh also passes on the feelings of pain and the nature of the animal to the consumer’s mind….”you are what you eat”….
    3.whatever does not pass through your digestion in 12 hours makes you sick…not SIKH,

    God bless you,
    SatKirin KAur Khalsa

  8. from that shabad can we all agree that Sannayaas is forbidden in Sikhi?

    Gurumustak, i have to admit i looked at that shabad pretty open mindedly and at the very least i have to say it didn’t condemn eating flesh. but i don’t think this discussion is about wether it’s allowed or not in sikhi..

    also, Halal doesn’t mean torturing the animal and then killing. I don’t know why everyone thinks that. JUST AS the Sikhs believe in somethings proven scientificaly or not the Muslims and Jewish people believe that Halal is the most HUMANE way to kill an animal.

  9. SikhsRus says:

    Hey Gurmustuk,

    Thank you for putting this. It is amazing, that one of my wife’s meat eating friend did not have the heart to watch it and she called me sicko for watching it. What is this World coming to?

  10. lol@manjit’s comment!hahaha! that’s funny. i think a trip to chicken farm is in order for her

  11. Gurinder says:

    Definition of HUMANE is Kind, Compassion and Mercy. Humanely is an ADVERB

    I don’t understand how can a killing be considered Humanely? Is it the act of Compassion, Mercy or kind to other living animals or birds?

    We do believe that Life is God’s gift and it could be in the form of Human beings (social animal) or Lower animals and birds. The driving force behind every animal is soul. Just to justify our actions we begin to use words such as “KILLED HUMANELY� . Matter of fact it makes NO logical sense when we say that!!

    Again, How can one take other’s life Humanely?

    Let’s say that these animals were well kept in air-conditioned rooms, well fed and given a bath everyday. Will that make a killing or taking someone’s life Humane! For God’s sake why aren’t we using our cortex and why is our thinking so clouded!!!

    People if you wish to EAT FLESH then please go ahead. But How do you come to conclusion that IT is not written in SGGS.

    First of all, aren’t we using the words in a twisted way to begin with, and then it does not justify our actions then we begin to twist Gurbani!!! Please eat meat with all your pleasure but for God’s sake don’t throw mud on Guruji’s FACE!

    I have not found even ONE VERSE in SGGS that supports taking life. How LOW we have made word of GOD and Guruji just to justify our clouded thinking!!

    Use your Common sense! If taking a life is a sin then it is a Sin to take life in any form!
    One last thing, people who meat I don’t disrespect them and they are not inferior to anyone, because judgment is in the hands of God. I love them equally as non-meat eaters.

    But please do not TWIST the word of God. Gurbani is written at very high level and just reading will make no sense because first you need to feel it in your heart then things will begin to SINK in to our clouded cortex (brain)

    I would like to argue on this issue with all mighty but don’t have time.

  12. Gurinder says:

    one more thing!

    People are going to get REALLY upset BUT Can’t help it if it hurts to swallow!

    Hitler killed jews in thousands first by giving them a bath then their clothes were removed and finally GASED to death!!

    Maybe Hitler was also killing other higher animals ( so called human beings) HUMANELY according to his thinking.

  13. Sikhrus: Even the light hearted can watch the “Meatrix” video which is the cartoon. It is very light/humerous and gives some of the basics.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am a little confused as to why this movie was posted on a site which is going to be viewed mainly by vegetarians. I saw this film years ago and chose not to watch it again. I was raised on farms all my life. Animals were raised and meat was consumed as part of the farming life. I did not experience cruelty towards animals, in fact, both my father and my husband, have been considerate and thoughtful herdsmen. I realize this film is about industry, which in its nature tends towards thoughtlessness and profit. Yet there is another side of why many people born and raised on farms and ranches continue and will continue to raise their own food, both animal and vegetable. I do not believe those who choose to eat meat are for the most part unaware, ignorant, cruel or base. I do believe it is a way of life for many people, for many reasons. Cruelty to all a hardship. One can choose the to be a vegetarian claiming moral and personal reasons and yet not think twice of killing spiders, snakes, rats, mice, flies, weeds, posionous vegetation, etc..As for what is written in holy books, these offer guidelines of conduct, even promote the ideal, yet we ultimately choose our own lifestyles, varying and adjusting for cultures and personal taste. Cruelty to animals is sad. All cruelty is sad and often times neccessary. It is all relevent. No judgment. And yes, I am a vegetarian.

  15. Gurinder says:

    NO one is judging anyone! But when people begin to use illogical explanation for their actions is not right!

    As I have mentioned that I do not disrespect people who eat meat. Matter of fact, 90% of my family eats meat!

    Yes, you could say that Its my choice to eat meat, then I have no problem with it. But trying to twist things around to justify our actions is not right! especially trying to use SGGS

    Why not drink, smoke, do drugs! You know why we refrain from these things because we are killing ourselves and others!

    Question is about taking life!

    I know that people are going to argue that plants have life too! Again, try to think clearly what the differences in plants and animals is? Lets see what kind of logic we use here?

    So, it is a Good conduct to take life? what kind of logic is that?

    its a question about taking life from some defenses and hopeless animals and these animals could be human being or lower animals.

  16. gurinder veer, i’m sorry but you assume way too much. there was only one guy here who posted a shabad that made me go “hmmmmmm”…that’s all. i said in my first post that i agree that we shouldn’t eat the .99 cent cheeseburgers. but the issue is money, economics. veggies cost more than cheeseburgers. someone who has to work 12 hours of lifting boxes needs calories…meat=cheap calories.

    now that i can afford(money and time) to eat veggies i’m eating less and less meat. i do think meat is bad for you.

    as far as humane and inhumane. yes, there is a difference. haven’t you ever seen a deer put down? or a horse put down? or a person put down? that’s humane. inhumane is to torture someone to death. no one ever asks “ohh god please give me slow and painful death!”. everyone asks “make it quick and painless”. right?

    i don’t even know why i’m writing this to tell you the truth. the ann who grew up on the farm put it really well.

    but more importantly i thought you were gone for good till 020606? anyways i hope that wasn’t your last post here…BE HAPPY!!!GO!! and have a good time. and you better create a blog when you come back!

    just one question though(to anyone who wishes…). why did god create meat eaters in nature? seriously and sincerely.

    man! this topic touched a nerve huh gurumustak?

  17. also even if someone was trying to say that SGGS said this…or whatever. isn’t that the exact time to tell the person “no, you’ve misunderstood, it’s actually saying…”.

    i tell you i don’t know when someone just came out and said to me “i didn’t understand this, could you please help me understand this?”.

    c’mon man! stop killing everyone who says something you don’t agree with. and no one is “throwing mud in guru’s face”.

    hmmm i’m begining to remember why i went into hibernation.


  18. Ik Singh: I think the controversy and hot topics are most fun for people. Though they have to stay balanced and in control, so that they are productive and a learning experience.

  19. i wish i had the answers to how to control one’s self but i’m as guilty as the next person.

    but gurumustak, i went to my first “3HO gurudwara” gurudwara this past sunday. it was funny i was expecting 80% “goras” and 20% nongoras and it turned out to be the exact opposite. we didn’t know exactly where it was so we totally missed the whole ceremony but had good langar.

    AND they had kundalini yoga center thingie!!!!!!! it’s five minutes from my house…how cool is that!!!

    we’re excited cuz we didn’t even know we had such a big commnunity of sikhs where we live.

    and guess how we found out about the gurudwara? no, not yellow pages! this blog!

  20. That’s awesome Ik Singh! Where was the Gurdwara? I don’t remember what city you live in. I also don’t remember many references to Gurdwaras on this blog. The only one I can think of is in MA.

  21. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa ||
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh ||

    Gurumustuk Singh wrote: “Some Sikhs say… “as long as the animal is not killed in the Halal way then it is ok”. If you ask me…I would consider most meat to be killed in the “halal way”, aka: inhumanely.â€?

    I believe that we have confused how an animal is killed and what Halal really is.

    It is a moot point that there is no humane way to kill an animal. If you believe that it is unacceptable to eat a chicken that has had its throat slit and bleed to death but somehow find it acceptable to eat a chicken that has died by having an electrode shoved up its rectum and electrocuted, you are totally missing the point.

    What really makes something Halal is not the method of killing but the fact that some ritual or prayer has somehow made the food sanctified or purified in order to make it acceptable. There should not be any food that is acceptable or unacceptable to a Sikh because Sikhs have no such rituals.

    Guru Arjan wrote:
    hak halaal bakhorahu khaanaa ||
    Let what is earned righteously be your blessed food.

    In fact, the aim of a Sikh is to become Halal and be purified by the knife in order to be “attached to the Lord.�

    Guru Nanak wrote:
    ma 1 ||
    sach kee kaathee sach sabh saar ||
    ghaarrath this kee apar apaar ||
    sabadhae saan rakhaaee laae ||
    gun kee thhaekai vich samaae ||
    this dhaa kut(h)aa hovai saekh ||
    lohoo lab nikathhaa vaekh ||
    hoe halaal lagai hak jaae ||
    naanak dhar dheedhaar samaae ||2||

    First Mehl:
    The knife is Truth, and its steel is totally True.
    Its workmanship is incomparably beautiful.
    It is sharpened on the grindstone of the Shabad.
    It is placed in the scabbard of virtue.
    If the Shaykh is killed with that,
    then the blood of greed will spill out.
    One who is slaughtered in this ritualistic way, will be attached to the Lord.
    O Nanak, at the Lord’s door, he is absorbed into His Blessed Vision. ||2||

    The only thing that a Sikh should consider as Halal is a Liberated One.

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  22. Gurinder says:

    IK singh ji

    It is true that God created animals that eat meat, such as lions, tiger, bears etc. it is created to keep everything in balance. But lions don’t eat vegetables or lentils because they have been given the order by nature what they can eat or not.

    Buffalos, deer etc, eat only grass and leaves, they will strave to death but will not eat meat!

    Humans are given a FREE WILL which is our test!

    Human’s teeth are not designed to eat meat, but we have the choice to eat it or not.

    I told you that my family does eat meat but they have GUTS to say that it is their CHOICE to eat meat, and they do not twist any holy books to suite their needs.

    I ate meat all my life, steaks, seafood, chicken and even seen the animals in india being killed but it was considered as NORM part of the life or as people call it LIFESTYLE.

    IS our LIFESTYLE so important that we don’t even realize what we are doing?

    Meat eaters will agrue on these points, that why they eat meat:
    1) plants are also living
    2) its just part of lifestyle
    3) I have no other choice
    4) It is not written in SGGS
    5) why we use pesticides
    6) why we use antibiotics
    7)I eat it but I don’t kill it
    8) I eat meat because earth is not sufficient to provide all needs
    9} animals are killed humanely

    10) One person somewhere else on internet argued that meat was given in langar at Golden temple it was stopped couple of decades ago.

    Again, I nothing againist people who eat meat,but when they twist words to suite their needs is not right. why don’t you have guts to say that its my choice? why do you have to hide behind SGGS to justify your actions?

    I would like to clarify one thing that I am not targeting at any single individual. Yes, I will stand firm that people please stop hidding behind the words such as HUMANE then if that does not works then begin to twist words of SGGS.


    Happy holidays
    Happy X-mas
    Happy new year

    I will not be able to comment but if someone likes to have a constructive discussions then I am willing to exchange emails after couple of months.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Gurinder singh…can you please translate the shabad posted on the site:

    I dont think it was the one person who twisted the words of gurbani as its a translation used by sikhnet and is used be most ppl in the UK.

    Also most of the western religions and Islam allow meat to be consumed soes that mean they are all going to hell? I dont think our Gurus created a vegetarian only club as many bhagats and bhai mardana were muslims and they probably ate helal. We bow to they everytime we go gurudwara…so if you think eating meat is inhumane u should ask them to get up so u can bow to the vegetarian bhagats and gurus.

    Also Guru Har Gobind and GobindSingh went hunting… they killed animals just to practice killing….some people would see this as inhumane?

    Finally, Please can som1 translate the shabad to a non-twisted version…

  24. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa ||
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh ||

    First I would like to make one request about this discussion. I know Gurumustuk has also mentioned this but would people please use their names when they are posting. There are five posts from “Anonymous.” Are these five different posters or the same person.

    Anonymous #5 said: “Finally, Please can som1 translate the shabad to a non-twisted version…”

    Guru Nanak wrote: FIRST MEHL: The fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom. What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables? What leads to sin?

    What I believe the Guru is saying is that food is food and it is foolish to argue about what we should eat. How can there be a sin committed when all we are doing is eating to survive. Eating has nothing to do with spiritual attainment.

    Later he writes: Those who renounce meat, and hold their noses when sitting near it, devour men at night. They practice hypocrisy, and make a show before other people, but they do not understand anything about meditation or spiritual wisdom. O Nanak, what can be said to the blind people? They cannot answer, or even understand what is said. They alone are blind, who act blindly. They have no eyes in their hearts. They are produced from the blood of their mothers and fathers, but they do not eat fish or meat.

    Here the Guru is saying that vegitarians who look down their noses at people who eat meat are also fools.

    I remember a conversation I had with a woman from 3HO. I mentioned that someone that we both knew ate meat. Her reply was: ‘Then how can he be an Amritdhari Sikh?’ This is exactly what Guruji condemns in the above.

    I have not eaten meat for over 25 years. It’s a personal choice. When I took Amrit, not eating meat was a part of the vows. I realise now that whether you eat meat or not should not be a requirement of a group but the choice of the individual.

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  25. From VA! know anyone here?

    you know what just happened here…we’re trying to justify our actions with SGGS. haven’t we all learnt that religion is a very personal thing. and when both sides believe they’re from the same religion and they do opposite things no one is going to give in.

    BUT for someone like me it gives me an opportunity to see where both sides are coming from.

    While growing up I was taught that the reason we don’t serve meat at the langar is because the Gurus didn’t want to offend any one religious group. (hindus don’t eat cow, and muslims don’t eat non-halal). Of course i’m willing to admit that i might’ve been taught wrong but not without doing my own research as to why i was taught what i was taught.

    also, isn’t this the innaugural Holiday Season for this blog???

    so has everyone got their x-mas/holiday trees up yet? :)

  26. kiran says:

    Wow this is one testy subject….
    however, since we are on this subject….

    Didnt Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s army eat meat??? if someone knows more about this then please do feel free to enlighten me further on this issue…….

    As for converting people to being vegge’s……i dont that this was the aim…..dont be soo paranoid and just take the disscussion for what it is…..dont go in to overdrive thinking… only gives u a headache!!!!

    ok so im gona jet….gottta finesh a lab report….its a correlational study on health and trait anxiety…..and ironically the results suggested that people who teneded to suffer from anxiety or teneded to think in great detail about life stressors way in great detail tended to have poor quality of heatlth!!!!!

    ok thats it im gone

    lots of pyar


    ps it was cold in london today….a mighty 6*

  27. ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ ji – I see you’re in the DC area – cost of living there in general is high, but I think if you compare prices of vegetables to meat on a pound-for-pound basis, you’ll find they are not more expensive than meat. And vegetarians need to be eating other, high-quality proteins – soy, beans/rice and/or corn combos, etc, not just veggies. Those items are also less than meat using that comparison. It’s only if you’re eating from fast food restaurants a lot that it’s “cheaper” – but not for your body!

    Wahe Guru,
    Gurukarm Kaur

  28. Gurinder says:

    Ik singhji

    during that time, chicken and goat were available and both are eaten by hindus and muslims, then How come it was never served in langar!

    Kiran ji

    Please frist read about the history don’t just make assumptions on your imagination.

  29. Gurinder says:

    anonymous ji
    read the history behind that shabad and I don’t see where it states its okay to take life!

    please read history why that shabad was written at that time!

    Majority of India was vege back then meat was not a big issues between hindus and sikhs.

    Now we trying to find something in SGGS to justify our actions and AS if we do really follow SGGS on other stuff in life.

    JUst show me one verse that states that it is okay to take life then I will shut up!

  30. Gurinder says:


    are you telling me that you are at equal status of Guruji that they went for hunting!

    Frist read the history and reasons why it was done.
    Secondly, are we at that level! if yes then why even consider SGGS as our guruji and lets write our own granth

  31. Gurinder says:

    Amar parkash you are RIGHT it is all about personal choice.
    We have a choice in:
    2) smoking
    4) robbery
    5) prostitution
    6) sex
    7) gangs
    8) eating eat

    Yes, its all about person choice. Pick one and be proud of it, but don’t twist words of SGGS to support your actions!

  32. kiran says:

    gurinder….you have got issues and u really need to sort them out!!!

    what exactly is ur aim here???? to prove that your right and everyone one else is wrong???

    as said before….there is no right or wrong answer so why cant u agree to disagree and be content instead of comming back on here for more??????

    Have u nothing else to do??? people tend to read the blog for knowlegde obout how other sikh people tend to live…culture…but not you!!!!

    why are u getting sooo worked up about this subject?? why is it really bothering you to such high degree?? Cant you just be content with other people’s opinions and just let them go???

    the pupose of the post was to just make people aware of some of the things that tend to go on in the slaughter houses…..SO again what exaclty is ur aim??

  33. Gurinder says:

    Please READ Bhai Gurdass ji warra which is considered key to SGGS. Guru arjan dev ji gave that status to his book of warra!

    There are so many poems that describe eating meat is not right.

    O man, goat eats grass and has done no harm but its throat is slit by you. But remember what will happen to you at the end!!!

    In order to understand SGGS also read Bhai gurdas ji dia warra , he is the person who wrote SGGS while dictated by fifth guruji.

    He was Mamaji of Guru Arjan dev ji

    Please take some time to understand history

  34. Gurinder says:

    Kiran ji

    my aim is that people should not hide behind SGGS to justify your actions!

    Its all about personal choice!
    If you have hard time swallowing that its not my fault.

    My issue is that please don’t make word of God to Low or to our level!

    take care and breathe deeply

  35. when i left for lunch there were 23 or 25 comments on this topic and when i got back there were 35!!! what a read! :O

    thank you!

    Gurukarm ji, yes i was only comparing .99 cent cheeseburgers from FF restaurants to the cost of time and money it takes to avoid meat.

    Gurinder, i don’t think you need to bring SGGS to this argument to prove your point (either). there’ve been hundreds of studies that’ve shown that vegetrians are generally healthier and less prone to diseases than non-vegtrns.

    as far as we’re not guru ji so we can’t hunt reason…i think that was kinda lame. so were they saying “do as i say but not do as i do”? i highly doubt that. i highly doubt that there were circumstances that lead the gurus to do things that were against their teachings.

    (by saying what i said i’m not saying that SGGS condones eating flesh i’m saying your argument of “we’re not at that level” is very weak.)

    but hey Kiran, how dare you talk to my veer gurinder like that? only i can talk to him like that! that privilage is reserved only for the N. Americans. :))))))) of course i kid!

    and when exactly are you leaving gurinder veer? and where are you going? please email me if you can’t say.

  36. ohh and remember gurinder if you’re thinking about taking Sanyaas it is strictly forbidden in the SGGS!:)

  37. Wow…the can of worms has been opened. Hahaha… :)

    Ik Singh: We have a tree decorated in our house. I’ll post pics later on.

  38. kiran says:


    Breathe deep huh?? i think that you need a time out…its funny how u always tend to have answer for everything….i wonder why?

    If eating meat is about personal choice then how comes u keep bringing religion back in to the argument??

    when did anyone hide behind the SGGS??? your bringing in issues that have nothing to do with the actual post!!!

    as said before….there is no right or wrong answer so why cant u agree to disagree and be content instead of comming back on here for more??????

  39. Gurinder says:

    Ik singh ji,

    I was suppose to be very busy this month but somehow two surgeries got cancelled so I had some time to blah out! No I’m not a surgeon if you are wondering. just ordinary fresh graduated medicine doctor.

    I am not judging anyone. But the problem is that in the past people have tried to manipulate our history and matter of fact SGGS.

    Again, I was a big time meat eater then how can I even judge other people regarding it. AS I have pointed out that we keep on holding on to one shabhad which does not approve of taking life away.

    However, yes it is choice! and I respect that!

    one last thing, we need to sit and read and do research on history. Then does that really follow the teaching of SGGS or not, and the answers are there.

    Ik singh ji,
    You and everyone else have all the rights to scold me or resent me. I don’t mind at all.
    I am going to India after 15 yrs. I am very excited and when I come back I will be exteremely busy so, don’t think I will have no time to put Comments on the blog. I was thinking couple of days ago that I am going to stop commenting because of time restrictions. But could not refrain myself when saw SGGS is being referenced in a wrong way!

    Personally, we use to have very heated debates during undergrad but we never took it to our hearts. Thats how we learn.

    Thank you everyone, I have learned alot from you and everyone is responsible for bringing realization in my life. Especially Gurumustuk singh ji.

    Please forgive me if I have unattentionly hurt someone’s feelings.

    Trust this is my last post on blogs!!

    Hopefully we will bump into each other in life. otherwise

    take care

  40. Gurumustak, yaaaaaay! i love the holiday season on the east coast cuz everyone just transforms into happy loving nice people. :) i wish we were like that the whole year.

    Gurinder, good luck with everything. and you should meet up with prabhu at Harmandir Sahib. He’s there right now.
    and i hope you’re not flying American Airlines flight from chicago to Delhi nonstop i heard it’s horrible.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I Singh – Why is the flight from Chicago to Amritsar horrible? I am just curious? Thanks

  42. i said chicago to delhi. not chicago to amritsar. (i wish there were nonstop flights to amritsar(from the US). there’s one from tonto and bummingham.)

    the reasons that flight ij no good:

    1. it’s a nonstop 14 hour flight. kids crying, people grumpy, hygiene…
    2. AA has a pretty bad customer service. (problems at delhi when checking in…)
    3. Anytime you’re flying from Chicago, Minnesota area in this time of the year you have to take weather delays into account. if your flight is delayed AA won’t get you a hotel, you have to spend 24 hours at the airport.

  43. I read about 1/4 of the way down the comments, there are way too many. I don’t like to see my brothers and sisters arguing endlessly. I just have to quote one thing. And I’m not going to translate it, everyone can translate it on their own.

    Sochai soch na hovaee, je sochee lakh vaar.

  44. Himmat Singh, then you missed Gurinder and Kiran making up at the end and giving eachothers “XOXOXO” and smileys all over the place. both apologizing to each other to no end. rather sickening! but it almost made me weep. you should have more faith in your sikh brothers and sisters! now go back up there and finish the love fest!

  45. Ishtmeet says:

    I was following up the discussion and did not get a chance to pipe in till now. I just wanted to let you guys know that even today in Sachkhand Hazoor Sahib, one of our takhts, on Hola Mahalla and Diwali there is a Jhatka done on the compound of Sachkhand with one Sikh grabbing the head of slain Goat and that is used to do Shastra Poojan of the weapons inside Sachkhand Sahib. These weapons belong to Guru Gobind Singh ji and other Gursikhs that accompained him to Deccan. Also there is Gurduwara Banda Ghat which was the ashram of Banda Bairagi.As per the history of this Gurudwara 10 th master had commanded his followers to make MAHAPARSHAD (cooked meat) which deeply incensed the bairagi and he tried to overturn the bed on which Guru Sahib was sitting. Also I think this Gurudwara does serve mahaparshad in Langar to commemorate this event on a particular day.

    Just food for thought.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ishmeet with regards to what u said please see the following website:

    Guru Gobind Singh army carrying on with the khalsa tradition….would like to see peoples views about the Nihanghs and meat eating.

    UK singh

  47. Anonymous says:

    found the following article on the above website, it seems to amke more sense to me than any arguments ive seen on this page:

    I think we should all find out when vegetarianism crept into sikhISM….( I am a vegetarian at the moment)..

  48. Anonymous says:

    Gurudwara Banda Ghat Sahib , about two furlongs upstream from Nagina Ghat is the spot where Madho Das, a hot heated and headstrong Bairagi Sadhu,had his abode. Guru Gobind Singh had heard about him from Mahant Jait Ram of Singh Dadu Dwara. His original name was Lachhman Das. He was native of Rajauri in Jammu and Kashmir. A Rajput by birth he had been trained in the martial arts and had been fond of hunting. A chance killing of a pregnant doe at his hands transformed him first into a remorseful sinner in search of redemption, and later, after having acquired some occult powers through austerities and single minded devotion to learning of such arts, into an arrogant recluse impatient with lesser mortals, Guru Gobind Singh, within a few days of his arrival at Nanded came to see him here, according to Bhatt Vahi sources on 3rd September 1708. Madho Das was not in his hermitage then, and the Guru decided to wait for him. It is said that in order to test the Bairagi’s mettle, the Guru deliberatly provoked him by having some of the former’s goats slaughtered by the Sikhs. This naturally put Madho Das besides himself with anger as he returned to his hermitage and found the trespass and he sacrillege, and he at once involed his occult powers to bring the trespasser to his knees, but finding them ineffective, he himself took little time to realise and acknowledge the spiritual superiority of the Guru, at whose feet he at once surrendered himself. The chroniclers narrate their brief introductory conversaton thus:

    The Guru : “Who are you”
    Madho Das : “I am a banda (lit man as well as a slave)”
    The Guru : “Whose Banda”
    Madho Das : “Yours my Lord”

    The guru blessed him and raised him to his feet. He later administered Khande di pahul to Madho Das and renamed him Banda Singh (Gurbakhsh Singh according to some sources, but the name Banda stuck and he is known to historians by his popular name as Banda Bahadur or Banda Singh Bahadur). During the next four weeks, the Guru instructed him in the essentials of Sikh faith, assessed his potential as a leader and briefed him about impending mission; and a few days before the stabbing incident, Banda Singh was on his way to Punjab accompanied by five Singhs whose counsel, the Guru commanded he was to heed, although he would be the supreme commander in the impending campaign. Gurudwara Banda Ghat for short, is housed in a single square room with a covered circumabulatory passage around it (Rebuilt since)

  49. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.
    Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru, it’s too much i couldn’t watch the whole video, because my heart starts crying when i was watching that video so, then i stop watching because those kind of thing make me upset and crazy so……but thanx allot GM veer ji i’m gonna send this video to all my friends who eat meat, in hope that they will also understand that they r eating lives not food :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((