Outtake from SikhNet Video

For the recent SikhNet video I was going to do some funny spoofs about SikhNet and what it is NOT…. but later decided not to (Trying to shatter the image of SikhNet being a big company with lots of financial resources).

Here is a picture of me posing with someone’s sunglasses. This picture was going to be super imposed in front of a picture of a nice new Mercedes Benz (aka: mucho dinero car) and shown in sequence after the “SikhNet headquarters” building. Basically first showing SikhNet as some false image of “MegaDollars” and then go to an extreme opposite of staff working on cardboard box computers, and Narayan and the other kids working the customer service phones (ie: budget operation). At first we thought it would be fun…but then it seemed like it would come accross in a “needy” way. In any case it was fun sitting together at lunch coming up with funny ideas for the video. Maybe next time I’ll do an unofficial version just for fun and post on the blog.

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