Thank You for the Encouragement

Wow… thank you all for your kind words of appreciation!! (comments on the previous post) It’s overwhelming. I don’t want people to think I’m egotistical about this all. My last post was not intended to invoke a “showering” of compliments. I really just wanted to know what was interesting to people and if it had a lasting effect on their life.

I really just love doing this type of “work” and want to make it worthwhile. When I read comments like these it gives me more motivation to continue doing so. Thank you, it is greatly appreciated :)

As I was walking in my office this evening after having kids story time with Guru Meher Kaur… I had a few people who were standing outside (from our sangat) shout over to me “I read your blog!”. It was a little embarrassing. It’s cool though that some “locals” tune in. Especially since in my every day life in Espanola I am just another Sikh guy and don’t have “Movie Star” status that some say I have within the Sikh community elsewhere. I think some people play it up a bit. It’s ok though…since I’m not doing this to become a super star.

As Yogi Bhajan would say…

“A teacher is not a person. He is like a water pipe. A pipe brings water to you; pipe is not water, water is not pipe. They are just media. Teacher is a medium of teaching. It is the teaching which you live, not the teacher.”

5 Responses to “Thank You for the Encouragement”

  1. have you ever seen those video clips of michael jackson in japan…? well, that’s you! in the virtual world! you know you wanted this rockstar image we seen your wig and rockin it with your uncle in mexico.


    yeah yeah…we knew you were fishing and we just wanted to humor you!:)) it’s okay to go fishing sometimes…:)

    but seriously…i think the way you describe your treatment by the espaneola sangat says a lot about the sangat. no one piece bigger than the other.

  2. seriuosly you are a star to me…if i ever meet you in person im proly gonna be like i read your blogs can i have an autograph? lol you do some great work and im thankful that i came across your blog a while back because ever since then i visit this site atleast once a day :)

  3. Hahaha… yeah right…that’s me…”Cyber Jackson”. Not.

    I think it is just a matter of context for most of my friends and sangat members. Most of the people in the community I have known for ages and grew up with, so there isn’t any hype. You are who you are. People still respect you…but because they know you well there isn’t the fanfare. When you get to know someone better things normalize.

  4. kuldeep says:

    hey i know my 10 yr. old is going to be mad at me for reading his e mails to you but for every body out there this is what he wrote to GMS
    please post a comment on my blog you are like eminem and brad pitt for me
    you are right i.k. singh ji and harpreet kaur GMS is an autograph material


  5. You are up there …. no need to be modest now!