Change of Pace?

Well, as some of you regulars have probably noticed things have been somewhat quiet on my blog lately. I think I got a little burnt out blogging. It was taking so much time (Especially the videos) and I was on the computer all the time (at work and then after work at home). Then when the thanksgiving 4 day weekend came I decided to take a much needed break. Must have been Guruka’s apple cake and Arjan’s Humming Bird cake. It took me to another world.

Also there is only so much that I can show on this blog of our community here in Espanola without being redundant. How many times have you seen me post the same type of picture of Narayan in Gurdwara holding a sword?? If you look at my blog archives from earlier this year and start to go forward you will see how it has evolved into different topics and content. The latest content being the videos which only some people can watch (since you need broadband, AKA fast internet to watch). I love doing the videos but they take a lot of time to put together (record, edit, post, etc). I think Arjan probably thinks I am a blog addict. She teases me sometimes saying, “are you going to put that on the blog” (for every little thing). Actually…I went to BA (blogaholics anonymous) and they helped me.

I will of course continue to post cool and interesting stuff, but still need some down time to re-charge and get more inspiration. Hopefully next week I can shoot some more video with Guruka for educational and inspirational stuff.

I am curious to know what people like the most about this blog? Pictures? Videos? Articles? Community? I do get lots of really great inspiring emails from people about the blog….but sometimes wonder if it has real impact on people’s day to day lives. One might read something and thing “yeah…that’s really cool”…or “yeah…I should do that”… but then it may just be a passing feeling. I guess it helps motivate and rationalize the time spent doing this if I know it is more than just entertainment.

Well, enough rambling for the night. I just upgraded the hard drive in my Nomad Jukebox III (MP3 player) and am sorting through my MP3 files. I have too many of them…and want to just get what I really listen to. It can be overwhelming otherwise.

Ps. Who reads this text anyways? I know I mostly just look at the pictures on other blogs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Responding to your question Gurumustuk – I read the texts.


  2. actually i’ve come to like text more than pics. it tells a lot more about a person. the more you write the more you open yourself up.

    i know what you mean about too much blogging…i think i got burnt out too…i’m back now though after a couple of months of “recharging”.

    a year in review:

    well your blog’s inspired me to work on project gurmukhi which probably wouldn’t’ve happened without this blog. other than that it’s nice to know that Sikhi is growing and we’re not totally dependent on procreation.:)

    the Sadhna…all i have to say is that my “sadhna” is very Sidhi Saadhi Sadhna compared to what i’ve seen and read on here.

    the UK sangat was nice to see…especially that girl who’s birthday it was. she was funny.

    the 60 or so comments under Arjan’s picture were funny…now that some time has past.

    ohh and how can we forget the Yogi Bhajan comments. they’ve stopped finally!

    i still haven’t tried warm water first thing in the morning yet (sorry Guruka Ji!)…:)

    this blog has been a good networking place for me (a person who doesn’t have that many sikh friends)…

    chardikala jatha rocks! and so does that girl that sings “vaday vaday” shabad.

    gtg my battery’s dead. sat nam!

  3. lol I read the blog and to honestly tell you the truth the feeling I get when I read it doesn’t just pass by, it stays. My way of thinking about certain things has changed by reading all the stuff you put on. I truly love reading everything you write as well as the pictures ofcourse! lol and yeah from all the turban tying videos you posted I learned a new way to tie mine…so see i read all and i learn from it too! thank you for taking the time to post things.

  4. Gurvinderpal says:

    oh veer ji =)

    well you blgo has helpedsoomuch,… hehe like especially the videos with the CKJatha!! i fell in love with keertan. actually it inspried me to do a Presentation for my class on THomas MErton, where i did a Presentation called ” whats the point of Singing Praise to God – a look at the book of Pslams and SGGS” it went fairly well and i even showed a clip of the CK Jatha,… where they explained the power of Bani and also they explained what Amrit is and hte Science of Shabad!!!! surely sweet
    thnak you veerr ji-


  5. Sereena Kaur says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Ji.

    I hail from Malaysia and I have even emailed you my inquiry once on meditation. I was introduced to your blog when I was surfing Sikhnet, that was about 6 months ago. And ever since then, I always make it a daily routine to read your blog. Sometimes I even go back to the archives to check on some articles. The feeling doesn’t just pass by about yr blog. It stays. And I prefer the text and the videos as it is very informative. I thank you for blogging till today.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  6. Anonymous says:

    SSA, The most i like are facts about yogic science, and may be i shall like the hummingbird cake recipe too.

  7. Anonymous says:


    I like everything on sikhnet the contents(text), video, pictures everything. I am regular visitor and read it everyday. Video of Guruka Singh ji on Naam, Bani, Getting up early, all are so good and inspirational. I had downloaded those and listen again and again. Yeah I am slow learner. Pictures show how you all are at peace. It shows the power of Naam. Its hard to explain in words. Thank you so much for such a great job!!

    Guru Rakha .

  8. Ghanaya says:

    Gurumustuk Ji, please keep the blogg going, the videos and txt is so inspirational and really has made a difference to my way of thinking, it really is important and not just entertainment, please keep it going…..satnam

  9. Anonymous says:

    The kirtan is amazing: especially the Chardikalla Jatha!! They’re Kirtan is awesome and please please put more of their kirtan on the web!!

  10. SikhsRus says:

    Gurmustuk Singh Ji,

    It is hard to imagine what one person can do to make a difference in people’s lives. You have done that with your blog and Sikhnet website. If it wasn’t for the English translation of Guru Granth Sahib, other positive and inspirational Sikh news stories at Sikhnet, I would have been still lost out there somewhere. It is a great seva you have done. Even though I grew up in a Punjabi Sikh social culture, I didn’t really understand and learn Sikhi till about a few years back and I continue to learn. It was more of a social Punjabi Sikh culture than the real Sikhi that has a universal message. I am sure there are millions more that share the same feeling.

    I enjoyed the pictures of children in the Gurudwara a lot, they just look so cute and fun. I learned so much from the turban tying videos and the videos of people who have embraced Sikh way of life. They were very inspiring and informative. More Gurbani kirtan please. It does not have to be video.

    I would also like to see Sikhi-wiki expand and be a central place where past, present and future of Sikhism can be brought together, discussed and explored at one central place.

    Sikhnet is making Sikh history by doing this great seva and bringing Sikh communities all across globe together as one. We need more creative people and leaders like yourself doing great things.

  11. SikhsRus says:

    I apologize, I forgot to thank the rest of the Sikhnet team that are probably doing so much in the background that people like me don’t even know and comprehend.

  12. Prabhu Singh says:

    I read everything you post and all the comments. I like everything you put here. Within a few weeks of learning and reading your blog I started my own blog. That was action that I took on account of lasting inspiration.
    I always like what Ek Ong Kar rights because you can almost feel the inspiration. I like the videos of Guruka. I like the pictures you take and the text you write. I really enjoyed the mp3’s, like I Singh said I like the Cherdi Kala jetha and Dileep’s mp3’s. BTW Dileep Kaur let me know of some more of her mp3’s that are online. I’ll post a link on my blog if I get the chance.
    I guess I’d have to say I most enjoyed the mp3’s because I downloaded them at work and listen to them all the time and I burned them on a CD and listen to them in my car also.
    I’m glad if you slow down on the blogging because I’m going to India tomorrow and I won’t get to keep up!
    Until last week I had about 2 or 3 slow weeks myself. I usually get my material on the weekend and incrementally post the material during the week. If my weekend involves working at home or doing seva (which goes on the SEVA blog) then I don’t get material. I should have no shortage of material soon.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal
    I read your blog every day and along with other blogs of Dharma Sikhs. Even though blogging has discharged you [burnt out] the blogs have recharged me anbout everything. I love the pictures,events and videos.
    I feel that I know all of the people in the blogs as family memebrs. If I ever meet them in person I would knowa part of them already. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. MOre educational videos from people please. The testimonials of ‘how I became a Sikh’ do wonders .The turban tying section was a a blast. Hey I already tried all of them [even the women ones] because I wnated to know how it was done. It was fun.
    JagwinDer SIngh Sidhu
    Headway School

  14. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    How come you didn’t post the story of Akal Security being given the “Employer of the Year” award. It is such an inspirational story and I just happened to see it on their website.

  15. Kiren says:

    Gurumustuk ji,

    i love every single inch of your blog! right from the bits of your own life, the community in espanola, the videos, and even random postings.

    you have done so much to raise my awareness, every posting has added meaning to my life and taught me to look at things in a different way.

    my day is not complete without a visit to your online world.

    i think the visitors to your blog have become a unique form of sangat!


  16. Gurinder says:

    I was born in to sikh family,but learned the real essence of sikhism from your hard work.

  17. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk ji

    I like everything you post on the blog. Quotes, articles, pics, video etc!!!

    Even If you write one sentence!

  18. SikhRus: I didn’t know that about Akal Security…(even though it is next door). I just saw the article on their website:

  19. The pictures of Chardikala non-Panjabi Sikhs, the vides of Guruka Singh Bhaji giving simple but effective advice and finally the stories of Yogi Bhajan and liked the stories of Bhai Fauja Singh Ji Shaheed.

    Keep up good work. You and the SikhNet sewadaars are a credit to the Khalsa Panth :)

  20. I really enjoyed the virtual community you are helping to create. I am enjoying being part of an International Sikh family and learning about the different ways we express our lifestyle.

    Your blog inspired me to create my own blog…an old friend I had lost touch with found my blog on Sikhnet and we are back in contact now. That was cool! [email protected]

    I have always wanted to tie a cool house turban like the young girls at MPA. I watched the video and I am still practicing.

    I enjoyed Kirn Kaur’s talk about our daily life and would like time to listen to the other videos as well. Do what you are inspired to do and others will be inspired.

    Sat Nam!

  21. kuldeep singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji
    SSA. I am glad you are trying a change of pace and tried BA(Blogoholics Anon), now if you would be kind enough to please refer all the cyber sangat to them we all might get a volume discount.
    from all the comments its obvious that you provide us with all the bloghol and we are addicted to it, your postings ,interviews , videos and pictures are very inspirational and i for one am always looking for more .
    just look @ the number of blogs at Sikhiwiki most of the sikhs got inspiration from you i know my kids did
    talking of kids on their way to india in Aug. they met a 50 yr+ sikh at Singapore airport while in transit. my kids ( 10 and 8 yr. old) were waiting to update their blog and started talking to the gentleman and guess what they talked about…….. Gurumustuk Singh is on vacation in England so there is not too much of new stuff on his blog. so there you have it from 8 yrs to 80 yrs old we all love your blog.
    thank you for all postings please do take care of your self and get away from the computer but at the same time please keep pouring some of the bloghol towards us because for lot of us thats the only addiction we have


  22. MuffiN says:

    I really enjoy visiting your blog. It’s really nice to see the way fellow Sikh’s live their life’s in different parts of the world. I really do look forward to the videos and the picture + the stories too.
    All in all, your blog is a sure stop for me daily for superb information on Sikhi and also just for a fun time looking at your really cute kids. Great job!


  23. Iksingh: I’ll have to post some better information on doing Ishnaan “Therapy” (cold shower)

    Anonymous: about the hummingbird cake recipe, I asked Arjan and she said she would have to think about it..since it is her secret recipe. Women like their firepower when it comes to the kitchen :)

    SikhRus: Any one person can change the world if you put your mind and heart into it. God has given us all gifts which can be used to serve others. The choice is up to each of us how we use this life.

    Kuldeep Singh: Thank you for sharing your humour and stories. It was fun to hear!

    Thank you everyone else who posted comments!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I like to see pictures of the community.

    The interviews are sort of redundant. Most everyone says the same thing about how they became a Sikh.

    Most of Sikhs interviewed seem to think that the whole world except for them go to clubs, drink and do drugs. That is hard for me to watch or read.

    Just because some are un-turbined, doesn’t mean it’s either/or. Not every non-Amritdari or non Sikh is an alcoholic drug seeking pervert or anything.

    There are many spiritual, rational and happy people who aren’t Sikhs. There are even some who enjoy an occasional drink but live moral and creative lives.

    Maybe it was because of the time of their lives when they chose to become Sikhs. While their peers were just naturally growing out of the “wild” life, the ones who were interviewed thought the only way to grow up was to join a disciplined group.

  25. Hardie says:

    SatNamJi….n WJKK WJKF,
    My day starts with and
    As soon as Im in the office, thats one webpage I never miss…Its so inspiring and informative.
    It inspired me to search Sikhs in my area and I had this feeling that there must be some1 in Johannesburg because I remember YogiJi visited SA some years back. And as per waheguru’s will, I found a very loving and spirtual family. The KHALSA’s. I regularly go for Yoga classes on Wed and Sadhanna for Sat morning @ 4am. Its really an experience that keeps me so close to reality and WAHEGURUJI.
    FYI…There’s no gurudwara in Joburg and just about 7-8 sikh families out here…N all distantly located. We have started having Sukhmani Sahib’s paath on a rotational basis amongst the families.

    GMSJi….Hope that confirms that I do read your blog regularly…Lolz.

    Waheguru keep his Sikhs in Chardi kala …ALWAYS…..

    Fateh….Guru Da daas.
    Singh from Joburg.

  26. Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji ki Fethe.

    I should admit I did not understand Sikhi four years from now, that was when I started visiting Sikhnet. I’ve learnt a lot since than and recently your blog has made so much difference in my routine that I have started doing my banies regularly. The inspirational articles and videos have had a lot of impact on me. Chardi Kala Jatha, as many have said it is just amazing… I have no words to describe the magic you have created, my only concern is that I hope the magic will not fade away…..

    Best Wishes
    Satwindar Singh

  27. xSHANTIx says:

    I appreciate everything about the blog..i guess it also makes me feel less alone knowing that there are so many “gora” sikhs out there…its really encouraged me to finally accept that i too can be sikh even though i am not from a punjabi background and has given me ideas on how i can develop my social life and career around Sikhi…Your blog can offer so much i dont think you realise…you are like the mediator for the entire world of Sikhi at the pretty sure Sikhnet is the most visited Sikh site WORLDWIDE and that is some audience to have an impact on! Keep up the woooooonderful work! wah wah wah! WAHEGURU! we appreciate you and hope the Guru gives you spirit to continue this service ji!

  28. God willing the “magic” will continue…but maybe at a difference pace :)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk ji,

    I read your blog regularly to try to learn more about our religion. Lately, I had been very down about certain circumstances in my life. At a time when I needed encouragement, I watched the video by Guruka ji on “God’s Gift to me”. His words moved me so deeply and reminded me that my gift cannot be overlooked even when life is challenging. I held onto these words, ek oangkar sat gurprasad, and have seen profound changes in my life since I’ve started to think more deeply about it. I am so moved. And now I have one more affirmation of my faith. I am a student; thank you for helping me learn.

  30. Barbara says:

    It is good to radiate who you are and what you believe in and perhaps by doing so, many things may unfold that you will be totally unconscious of, so as far as your questions about the blog, my advise is to find a balance between this mission and the other things in life that you value and if you state your intentions clearly to God, he will for sure give a help and hand to make things smoother in accordance to your wishes…