Yes, I will soon post some more poems from the Furmaan Khalsa, but today I simply want to share one of my own poems with everyone. This simple poem is based on a vision I had in 1981 where I clearly saw the return of the Khalsa to the earth, 960,000,000 (96 crore) strong as Guru Gobind Singh Ji predicted.
Here’s the story as it was told to me… As Guru Gobind Singh and his Sikhs were moving South, nearing the village of Saheva, they came to a grove of Jand trees. Here they decided to make their camp. When all was set up, the Guru ordered his soldiers to find a Pipal tree (fig tree). The men protested that the climate was too dry, and that the Pipal tree would only grow with sufficient water, yet the Guru repeatedly insisted that they go and look. When the men had searched without success, one Sikh climbed to the heights of a tall Jand tree. Looking over the entire area and seeing no Pipal tree, he climbed down and told the Guru that there was no Pipal tree in sight, but that a tiny Pipal sapling was growing in the roots of the great Jand tree. When he saw the sapling, the Master said: “This sapling will grow into a mighty tree. When it overshadows the parent Jand tree and overwhelms it, that is the time for the Order of the Khalsa to grow in large numbers. They shall achieve recognition in the direction and the countries of the West. Then the flag of True Religion shall be implanted there. They shall become sovereign in the Sikh homelands and then become the decision makers at the seat of government at Delhi.” In 1959 it was reported that this Pipal tree had reached the same height as the Jand tree.


Essence of Joy in total freedom
Born from clear vibration of Shabd
Nourished by the Guru’s Bani
Flashing fearless strength of steel
Ancient prophecy fulfilled
Out of many comes the One!

Melted in the forge of the Creative Intelligence
Welded together through millions of lifetimes
Joined forever beyond time and space
Perfect form of the Divine Purpose

Infinite flowing source of radiance
Warm deep heart of endless service
Ecstasy of the Living Dharma
Perfection of humanity
Alive with Shakti energy
Foundation of God
Winter Solstice 1981
from the introduction to the Furmaan Khalsa

4 Responses to “Khalsa”

  1. SikhsRus says:

    It is our faith in Gurus and Waheguru that will make the great vision of Guru Gobind Singh come true Gurmustuk! I 100% believe it.

  2. seeker says:

    Mr. Guruka Singh ji ,how do I do a complete Rehras Sahib path. According to “the complete Anand Sahib” (page 235)we are suppose to do all 40 pauris or can we skip from 5th to 40 in evening .I will really appreciate your answer.
    thank you

  3. Guruka Singh says:

    seeker Ji – What is essential is never to recite a “broken” Anand Sahib (i.e., skip from 5th pauri to 40th.) When you do Rehiras Sahib paath, you can recite the first five pauris of the Anand, but do not recite the 40th pauri. You may also recite the full Anand. It’s so beautiful!


  4. seeker says:

    Thank you Guruka Singh ji. makes sense sometimes simple things are hard to get .I guess thats when Wahe Guru puts us in touch with wisdom of Sadh Sangat. bty I loved all of your videos and those were really inspirational