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Some of you who are regular SikhNet visitors might have noticed that we are having our annual fundraiser to raise money to support the operation of We hope you can participate!

SikhNet impacts Over 100,000 people around the world every month! We receive dozens of emails every day from those whose lives have been touched by SikhNet, especially young people who feel inspired and supported. We LOVE serving you in this way! It is our life work.

Most people probably imagine that we are a pretty big operation and have tons of funding. Actually SikhNet is just seven dedicated people. We work in a small office (about 55 square metres) attached to our Gurdwara here in Espanola (a very small town – population about 10,000 people) in northern New Mexico (USA). We have a few older computers here in our office, and we rent servers from a large hosting provider. Our SikhNet staff here in our office is just a small devoted band of sevadars, but we consider all of you who are reading this and who visit SikhNet and who participate in our CyberSangat to be part of our SikhNet family as well. And it is your participation, suggestions, contributions and generous donations that make SikhNet what it is.

Lately, I have been enjoying putting together all these educational interview videos on the blog, however the side effect of that is the increased costs for the web hosting. When you have 600-1000 people visiting this blog website every day…and watching/downloading large videos the costs really start to add up. Current costs are now at about $400/month (Just for this blog. I’m not joking either!).

In order to continue this type of service on a long term basis it is important that we get the your support to help with the costs. One day someone may make a large grant/donation to SikhNet and I can stop posting these fundraiser messages, but until then…all your donations (small and large) make a HUGE difference and is what keeps us going.

So, if you feel that this blog and SikhNet has benefited you and your life please make a donation to SikhNet (however much you can afford. Even if it is $1 or $2 per month! It all adds up. We do have an automatic monthly donation option for credit card donations)

You can select an amount to donate to SikhNet:
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The SikhNet “West Wing” as we jokingly call it. This is one of our “cozy” offices with 4 desks packed in the room. Here is Joginder Singh showing me and Guru Jot Singh his big muscles.

The SikhNet “East Wing”. I don’t think they are actually “east/west” but I like to joke about it (some of you might know of the TV show “The West Wing”). This is the office that myself and Guruka Singh share.

SikhNet Radio Broadcast Center. This is the office space that we have some of our different computers for broadcasting SikhNet Radio. We also use the computers and audio equipment for archiving old Gurbani tapes/reels to digital formats and video processing.

Is this what you expected?? NOT! Hahaha…

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Someday, my friends, someday!! :-)

  3. ik singh says:

    Thanks Gurumustak! I’been waiting for these for a while now. Now, do you really eat that many apples in a day (there’re like 4 of them on your desk)? and have you ever tried apple(green or Fuji) with peanut butter(creamy) as a snack? it’s what dreams are made of! especially if you like peanut butter :)

    Guruka ji, you need some mess on your desk…i can spare some if you’d like! :)

  4. GuruKaram Kaur: I remember when it was just me and Sat Pal Singh…and I was envisioning a huge office with people working at SikhNet doing all kinds of different things. Have to saw..we are a lot closer to that vision. With Guru’s blessing…we’ll continue to grow and serve the community.

    Hahaha… I know…when I saw the picture…I noticed all the apples. We have lots of apple trees here and have bags and bags of them so I kept bringing them to the office every day for snack….(and I didn’t eat them…so they are piling up). I’m eating one right now…so I think we’ll be ok.

    Are you imposing an “Apple on Desk” Quota??

    Messy Desks? Unfortunately…we don’t have many women on the SikhNet staff…so office decor and cleanliness does suffer at times. Though…to much mess can add to the stress level. It feels so much better to have things clean and clear.

    Anon: I will get a Paypal account setup.

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

    Yeah we all gotta make donations! I better start making them more frequent :-)
    An aside –
    The population of Española is a lot more than 10,000. I don’t know where the census gets it’s info, but I suspect they are using just the city limits of Española. Really Española is the whole valley which is closer to 30,000.
    Including Sombrillo, Arroyo Seco, La Puebla, Chimayo, Cuarteles, Santa Cruz, La Mesilla, San Pedro, Hernandez, Santa Clara, San Juan, Alcalde, Ranchitos, Farview, El Llano, and of course where I live Santo Niño.

    We got so many names for the places in Española!

  6. I think Sikhnet is the greatest. Humble beginnings are great. Like today, Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday….he was CEO of the Sikh faith….and he did not have a jet totravel throughout the east….he went on foot with his 2 companions. Simple beginning and a great result….God and Gurus’ service net BIG RETURN!!!!! Wahe Guru

  7. Anonymous says:

    Phew! thank god, at least it doesn’t look like my office. This time of the year, i start making a paper trail from desk to the door. You guys are doing better job than me. By the way donation is in the mail. Keep up the good work.

  8. Gurinder says:

    It’s on the way!

  9. I’m writing this not to be negative but rather try to comfort myself(a selfish act!) by maybe trying to get some answers to something I recently came across that made my heart sink. I was recently surfing and came across an indian newspaper article about an 11 year wait to do “akhand path” at the “golden temple”. And the people in the line included daughter of amitab bachan, a non sikh and other non sikhs. “I shouldn’t have a problem with that” I told myself. “That’s why they have 4 entrances to HARMANDIR SAHIB.”

    But then this irked me beyond my control. “For a coveted ritual, the price is small enough: the sponsor makes an offering (sewa) of Rs. 3,100…for rumala (unused coverings) of the holy book…The reward: special blessings of the Guru invoked plus the solemn announcement of the sponsor’s name.

    1. there is no RITUAL in Sikhi that can bring a Sikh closer to God more than the NAAM! No matter where it is performed! Am I right? I’m like the least knowledgable person on SGGS but every time i read SGGS it says there’s only one way and it is through SAT NAM!!! and i it’s not like hidden either…it’s right there stated over and over and over and over and over…

    2. A special blessing????? are you kidding me? are they mistaking sikhi for some other religion? this is wrong on so many levels that i’ll save some bandwidth instead of writing it all up.

    3. “a solemn announcement of the sponsor’s name”? Ahh there’s the rub! Eureka! whatever!

    4. and if by allowing non sikhs to be honored in this “ritual” we’re saying we’re so open minded then why don’t they let Women of our Faith do Kirtan at this so called Holy Shrine?

    5. and while i’m at it i ask you humby why people bathe in the Harmandir Sahib’s pool? Shouldn’t that be outlawed by our leaders? Please tell me how this act of bathing in the Sarovar is any different than bathing in the Ganga/Ganges? Which Guru Nanak himself instructed us as a “worthless act”!

  10. SikhsRus says:

    Ik Singh,

    Those are very thought provoking questions. I kind of read the story too but didn’t really pay attention to too much detail. Also, I have seen a lot of mistakes in the Indian newspapers on facts about Sikhs. A few months back, I sent an email to Indian express for stating that SGPC was the supreme spritual and political authority for all Sikhs. There was no mention of Akal Takhat. To your questions, all I can say is that if Akand Path is helping Amitabh’s daughter to spritually connect to Akal Purakh Waheguru, then it is all good. How can we be the judge of that?

    Gurmustuk: I like the picture with the Sikhnet logo infront of the building. I work in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, and I see so many empty very beautiful buildings like the one you have shown. I would not want to be an owner of any of them and have a huge mortgage payment for it. Even for the occupied ones, I question how many people (owners and workers included) are really out of the water andd just barely making it. You guys are really blesses to have a building right next to the Guru.

  11. yes, i do feel that sikhnet staff is very lucky to be working so close to the Gurdwara. what an ideal working environment! :)

    and apple trees?? are you kidding me? that reminds me of a childhood rhyme…

    eeria pambeeria
    das babai Nanak Da Kar Kerra?

    umba wali kothri atai anaran wala vera!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, still is the CEO.

  13. Nimarta Kaur says:

    hey id juz like to say that u guys are doin a fantastic job!! im like totally amazed with sikhnet..truly fascinated by it! great job! :) Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us..