Getting up Early in the Morning

Having a hard time getting up early in the morning to do banis or meditate? In this video Guruka Singh talks about reasons for getting up early in the morning, and gives many practical suggestions / inspirations to help you do so.

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  1. Gurinder says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:


    I find myself watching the videos over and over again. I come back thinking I want to hear that part again. So my question is, are you going to compile these videos and if so then how can one purchase it!

    Thanks! The vidoes are very inspirational to me.

  3. Anonymous…glad you like the videos. I don’t currently have any plans to compile this video into a DVD or anything for sale. They are freely downloadable right now.

    Who knows..maybe in the future?

  4. xSHANTIx says:

    nice nice :D yes make a Guruka THE MOVIE dvd that wud be awesome :D cherdi kalaaaaaaa

  5. That would be a fun DVD Shanti. These videos so far were just from a short 20-30 minute impromptu get together. Good stuff eh?

    I can’t wait to get together for another “Jam” session.

    Any ideas for topics to talk about?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Videos!

    hi ive got a quetion that might be of interest,
    Why and what is the need for the kirpan in this day and age?

  7. Anonymous says:

    i know Guruka Singh said listen to your body, but seriously, how much sleep is needed? & more importantly what time should someone who wants to wake up at AmritVela (say 3am) go to sleep?


  8. xSHANTIx says:

    i dun wana answer on behalf of Guruka or Gurumustuk. But Guruka is right..u need to listen to your body on how many hours sleep you need. Ideally between 6-8 hours to give ur body a proper rest. You should really be in bed by 8 or 9pm to get up in the amritvela without feeling tired etc. Although sum ppl can go to bed at 1030 and still wake up at 4. It really depends on ones lifestyle and sleep style. Sumone might have a 4 hour solid sleep and sumone else might have an 8 hour disturbed sleep, so its about finding the right balance for yourself. Try different times and see what works.

  9. Hari Singh says:

    Wow, Gurumustuk

    You have got a lighthouse of Sikhi knowledge there – So don’t miss out on this opportunity because Guruka Singh really is: “Guru ka”! I have not come across anyone who can impart Sikhi knowledge so well in English and be true to the Sikhi principles as well – and be so convincing doing it from their heart. He preaches what he practises!

    A few topics for consideration by your in-house “ghaniji”:

    1). How can one keep up their Nitnem Banis on a daily basis? My mind wonders away during the reading of the Bani – I am thinking of resolving my daily problems while reciting Nitnem. How do I stop this? What if I cannot recite my five Banis everyday? Have I set myself too high a goal to recite the 5 Banis daily? I feel very depressed if I don’t do my Banis – How can I overcome this?

    2). Why do we have to take Amrit and wear the 5Ks? My heart is clean; I practise charity; I help at the local hospital; I work hard in life – Why do I need to take Amrit? Surely, being a just “good” person should be my ticket to heaven. Didn’t Guru ji say there is no Hindu and no Muslim – So why should we restrict ourselves to be just Sikhs. Isn’t it more important to be a “good” being? Don’t you think we are being too ritualistic by getting into these various religious “compartments”.

    3). My name is Sonny Singh and I am 25 years old. I was born in a Sikh family and I took Amrit 2 years ago. I get up early and do my Nitnem; give Dasvadh; and help at the youth centre once a week. However, my spirit is not at peace? Where am I going wrong? Is there more to Sikhi than Amrit, Bani, 5Ks, Seva, charity? How do I find peace and calmness in my life? I have a house, car, great family, good job but I do not have satisfaction?

    Hope this helps.

  10. Gurinder says:

    I would like Guruka singh ji to respond to his question also and I would like also to comment on this:


    The rituals of a religion are like the husk of a seed, which preserves its life and make it germinate. It is only when the rituals are separated from the faith and assume an independent existence that they become mechanical and lifeless.
    Rituals gives a concrete shape to the abstract spiritual ideals and add color and zest to life. A wisely planned and solemnly conducted ritual prepares the ground, and creates the atmosphere, makes the mood and predisposes the mind so that the spiritual aspirant may easily detach himself from the world and feel the mysterious presence of the supreme power.

    Ritual is a form of discpline. Just like in the military or in the marines they have to follow certain routine. However, when ever we use this word we always end up using with the religion and we tend to forget that our life is full of other rituals. When we show love to our loved ones (spouse) we tend to do rituals because without it NO bond can be established between two hearts. We show our love to our (spouse) by certain ways throughout the life. Traditions are the always-in life, the rituals and customs that build common memories for children and offer comfort and stability in good times and in bad thus creates a sense of family identity.

    Riturals are important part of our lives; it seems to give us connection as we search for the meaning of life. Bonding rituals, which bond us with our spouse, a friend and our children. In order to establish a BOND with God we also have to follow certain discipline and we may call it a ritual. A routine becomes ritual or seems ritual when it becomes boring! When we repeat a action but brings no harmony within us it seems like useless.

    The reason is that when we just to things because we think we have to do it becomes a boring ritual. But when we do something with our heart full of LOVE and then that action is does not become a ritual. Then darkness holds no danger and you become the light to others path. You will defy despair and it will bring hope to our heart. There will be no more loneliness and there will always be a hand reaching out to aid us when all seems darkest. In the beginning we saw two paths (forks) before us in every point of our life now it has become ONE. Our each day blossoms with full of love and each day is blessed with joy when God resides in our hearts.

  11. Gurinder says:

    Brief comment: promise I won’t ramble for long…….

    Why take Amrit�

    The beauty about Sikhism is that nothing is forced upon someone! When ever our mind is ready for it then you will take it. It could be this life time or next whenever realization occurs. once our heart aches for love then we will stick with your commitment. When we love someone (spouse) so much that we want to be part of their life every single day then we kneel before that person and ask for their hand for the rest of life. So that we could cherish each other, pull up each other when one is down. When two souls join together they tend to bring more strength into each other.

    Therefore, when we take Amrit it is just like a wedding day. It is also considered unification of a supreme soul.

    “ Why a sikh or Khalsa�

    How can one person becomes a police officer without training, how can one person perform operations on the other person without training? Sikh way of life is to train our mental process that we see God in every soul and everywhere then we are able to dispel the darkness of hate, crime, and discrimination. These qualities do not seep into us automatically we have to work hard for it. We have to win our Mind and in order to win our mind we have to follow every step in Japji sahib and finally our soul reaches to that level that we see God in every soul and everything seems ONE, while keeping our identity and stance in life.

  12. Thank you for the video. It is very good advice. I can say that I am one of those who stay up late on the computer. Sometimes, I just can’t help it because of work, and sometimes, I admit it os just pure lazzyness. I have always wished I could wake up earlier. Waking up early in the morning has been a difficult task for me. I am sure to start gradually and slowly. Hope I give my full commitment.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Let us all form a group that is committed to get up early in the morning. We will support each other or keep track.
    I never go to bed before 1 a.m.
    May be during christmas break I can work on habit of getting up early in the morning.
    I used to wake up 4 a.m. without any alarm etc. It was very automatic. These days I can never get up before 7 a.m.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I am going to watch this video again and again and again and again till I make a habbit of waking up early in the morning and remembering waheguru.

    Thank you so much Guruka Singh!

    Gur Fateh!

  15. Glad you Like the video Anon.!

    One suggestion…download the video on to your computer….since we do have pretty high internet (bandwidth) costs from so many people watching.

    You can watch it over and over…and it will even be higher quality video.

  16. satvinder says:

    Thank you veer ji and Gurka Singh Ji! I am one of those who wakes up and lies in bed going… ” shall I get up? Shall I get up now? Five more minutes…!”

    Now I will just kick myself out of bed before I have a chance to ask the question.

    Sat :o)

  17. Guruka Singh says:

    >>> “i dun wana answer on behalf of Guruka or Gurumustuk…”

    Shanti Ji – You answered perfectly.


  18. Mukhande Kaur says:

    Sat Nam,
    I look forward to hearing what you have to share:) I have been thinking about receiving Amrit much (it has been consuming my thoughts). However Oh mera man..I have been blessed with a school of thought..I feel….why ..How will I reach and serve all humanity if I commit self to single dharma, which is one and all Dharma… closing doors, we are all Sikhs, learners disciples of our creator… If I wear bana and daastar I feel I am limiting myself to the world. I am wind, I am earth, I am you, you are me. I aware of all the pratical, scientifical, spiritual, social reasons for bana and our roop. We can reason everything and anything, it must be experienced to live Gurujeevan yet a truthful existence…Just like Gurbani is so Vahoo beautiful, but can also just be words if they arent projected from the heart center, throat chakra where we experience the world symbolically through vibration and of course proper pronunciation of Gurmukhi… I know the answer resonates internally within…waheguru for contemplation.
    Kirpa naal(l)

    2) Why do we have to take Amrit and wear the 5Ks? My heart is clean; I practise charity; I help at the local hospital; I work hard in life – Why do I need to take Amrit? Surely, being a just “good” person should be my ticket to heaven. Didn’t Guru ji say there is no Hindu and no Muslim – So why should we restrict ourselves to be just Sikhs. Isn’t it more important to be a “good” being? Don’t you think we are being too ritualistic by getting into these various religious “compartments”.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. It’s put everything into perspective :) more videos please? :D

  20. Not tired of the videos yet?? Hehe…

    Wasn’t sure if people if it was overload. I have two more of Guruka…and then some other general interviews about being a Sikh by other locals.

  21. Anonymous says:

    He has spiritual ignorance within, and his intellect is dull and dim; he does not place his faith in the True Guru. He has deceit within himself, and so he sees deception in all others; through his deceptions, he is totally ruined. The True Gurus Will does not enter into his consciousness, and so he wanders around, pursuing his own interests. If He grants His Grace, then Nanak is absorbed into the Word of the Shabad. || 1 || FOURTH MEHL: The self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in emotional attachment to Maya; in the love of duality, their minds are unsteady. Night and day, they are burning; day and night, they are totally ruined by their egotism. Within them, is the total pitch darkness of greed, and no one even approaches them. They themselves are miserable, and they never find peace; they are born, only to die, and die again. O Nanak, the True Lord God forgives those, who focus their consciousness on the Gurus feet. || 2 || PAUREE: That Saint, that devotee, is acceptable, who is loved by God. Those beings are wise, who meditate on the Lord. They eat the food, the treasure of the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord. They apply the dust of the feet of the Saints to their foreheads. O Nanak, they are purified, bathing in the sacred shrine of the Lord. || 26 ||

  22. Anonymous says:

    gurumustak singh:

    not sure how things work, but wouldn’t you save bandwidth costs if you made the videos “download only” instead of people being able to view them directly on your blog?

  23. Harmeet Kaur says:

    With the Grace of Waheguru, I have been trying to wake up at 2:00 AM to do Naam/Gurbani jaap. I have had a lot of success but there are those days when I do get into a debate with myself and end up staying in bed. After watching your video, I don’t think I will have as many debates with myself anymore. One thing I wanted to share with everyone is that after doing simran and gurbani jaap at amritvela, I do sometimes go back to bed for an hour or two so that I won’t feel too tired or sleepy in the office.

  24. Learner says:

    Gurumustuk Singh,
    Thank you so much for these wonderful videos! I find myself filled with inspiration while watching the videos by Guruka Singh..his words have such a beautiful impact..I cannot describe it! Very inspirational, thank you both. :) ps keep them coming please! and thank you hahaha

  25. amanpreet says:

    i want the importance of getting up early in hindi hindi

  26. Harpreet Singh says:

    In response (13 Nov 2005 @ 3:44)to Soni Singh of 27 years of age now – I am responding for his bravery to except bravely and openly say on web that in spite of him from Sikh family – had amrit – wakes up @ amrit wela – recites all 5 bani’s and doing all other rituals — ” that he is still looking for peace and calmness “.
    First of all I think now that I should make more time to read such a nice discussions of you guy’s. A prayer deep from the heart is very very powerful which also comes with true love. Soni Singh spend more time in simran / meditation not only for 2-1/2 hours (with ginti minti as this 2-1/2 hour is just for us to be Sikhs / humans / and living) but while doing your work also and that will create love in you for guru which automatically will make you to cry and forget your myself – and deep in that you will find one day yourself doing prayers while in sleep & early in the mornings also @ amrit welae and you will not realize & remember what peace and calmness you were forcing your self to look for. Till one do not see/feel (pani sang pani with) him that eagerness should always stay.

  27. Gurpreet singh says:

    We all know the Guru’s word is the truth. They have never tried to lead us toward the wrong path.
    If Guru Gobind Singh Ji told us it is very important to take amrit then it must be done.
    When I was contemplating taking amrit a wise man told me “You should not have to think so much about doing the right thing, it is the wrong thing you should think twice about.” Without amrit you will be subject to the cycle of birth and death. Your good deeds will count, they always do. Think of this- there some dogs who live very good lives,diamond studded collar,bottled water,spa treatments. Then there are dogs who have nothing to eat , no shots, no vets only disease then death. The difference between these dogs is the deeds they did in their previous life.
    Guru Gobind Singh Ji told us that after taking amrit we have been alotted ONE THOUSAND lifetimes to achieve the ultimate goal!(although we should try our best to do it in one.) But still that is awesome. And that is the power of amrit.

  28. I would like to says:

    Sat Nam Dear Guruka,
    Can you please answer this question:
    How about here in Scandinavia? In the winter it’s always dark and the sun rises around 11 am. In the summer it’s always light and the sun only goes down for half an hour or so. How will the energy of Amrit Vela work here? Will we benefit the solar enery or not?

    Thank you for your answer.
    Many blessings.