Meditation, Your Mind & Gurbani

How do you meditate and get an experience? How do you concentrate? In the following video, Guruka Singh talks about meditating on Gurbani, focusing and "training" your mind to concentrate.

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11 Responses to “Meditation, Your Mind & Gurbani”

  1. Gurinder says:

    I was waiting all day along!

    thank you for sharing diamonds rubies and pearls with us, which is hidden in the Gurbani!

  2. Glad you waited patiently, Gurinder :) These videos are an “after work” project and can take quite a few hours edit/post/upload/etc every night. The long days/nights on the computer have been taking their toll on my wrists. I’m definitely going to have to take a break on the weekend to let my wrists heal.

    I still have lots of good video material to post though. Three interviews on being a Sikh and about 5 more segements with Guruka Singh on different subjects.

  3. yes pls do take a break, we’re all patient enough we can wait…i hope :) these are wonderful

  4. xSHANTIx says:

    another awesome video..when is Gurukas dvd coming out :o)

  5. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk singh

    Please do take a break and I think you need better equipment such as chair the design of mouse etc to reduce work related injury.

    For wrist it MAY end up having carpal tunnel syndrome after overuse of a wrist joint. So, please give your wrist rest and also look into ERGONOMICS.

    take care

  6. kaur says:

    wow wow wow

  7. Gurinder, thank you for the suggestions. I’m actually very familiar with ergonimics and carpal tunnel. I had carpal tunnel years ago and overcame it. I get many people coming to me for advice on wrist problems all the time.

    I normally can work fine for long periods without problems…but when I work a lot of 14-16 hour days on the computer than there is only so much your body can take….even if you have a good office setup.

  8. Hari says:

    Who better than Guruka Singh to inspire us to be conscious of and understand our own mental patterns and teach us how to use the technology to meditate?

    I’m looking forward to more of them =)

    By the way Gurumustuk, congratulations and thank you for keeping up the weblog with such great posts.

  9. Hari Singh says:

    Thanks, Gurumustuk – Another amazing video!

    Guruka Singh is definitely gifted by the Guru; he has such wonderful and straight-forward answers to difficult questions.

    Please have your break by all means – otherwise you will fall ill! – but we will need more of this wonderfully inspiring and enlightened, “Giani ji”, Guruka Singh.

    Wow; his talk is simple and without complications – to the point.

    Keep up the good work – And many thanks to Arjan and Narayan for letting you carry out this sewa during time that you should be spending with them!

  10. Arjan is very supportive. Generally my blogging time is sometime after 7:30pm till 11pm or later. I’m trying to not stay up too late because it impacts my days and makes it hard to get up early for my Sadhana.

    I thought I was busy as a Single person…then I got married. Then I REALLY thought I was busy…then I had a child… Then even MORE busy. Now I have a blog and it’s at the max. I’m always surprised how much more one can put out in a day.

    I laugh when I here some of my younger single friends say they are really busy. I think…”you are not buys! you haven’t seen anything yet!”

  11. sukhbir singh nijer says:


    sat sri akal
    i love to do meditation and i do not where to start…….i badly need to control my mind……
    please help me with some materials or mantra .
    thanks n regards
    s.s.nijer ( singapore )