Folding Your Hands In Prayer

In this video Guruka Singh talks about how we do many things without understanding the reason. Most of them actually have a science and purpose to them. He explains why we fold our hands together when we pray.

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11 Responses to “Folding Your Hands In Prayer”

  1. Shan Singh says:


  2. Gurkirpal says:


    where can we download lectures of Sant Singh AKA (jogi bhajan..)

  3. Gurinder says:

    Fascinating information!!

    Everything that Guruka singh ji has mentioned it is TRUE!

    1) That’s how EKG of the heart is taken, because of the polarity and the electricity that runs in our body.
    2) EEG of the brain is done on similar phenomenon
    3) You are great in Human anatomy! Its true that the Sympathetic nervous system begins from the hypothalamus (Paraventricular nucleus) and goes down to the vertebrae up to T1-T2 and the nerves synapse at the cervical ganglion and other ganglions along the spinal cord. The sympathetic of the eye nerves travel back up along with the internal carotid artery through inner ear and then through the cavernous sinus to the eyes.

    The reason I have posted this because it is 100% true what Guruka singh ji has mentioned!

    There is also physics involved here! Well, I won’t bore you with hardcore scientific facts!

  4. xSHANTIx says:

    so can Guruka Singh ji do videos for all my anatomy lessons…coz watching him talk is so much more understandable than reading all day :o) ahhh a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day Vaheguru..thanks for the video!!

  5. kaur says:

    Wow, that was really interesting. Please get Bhai Sahib Ji to talk about the Ardas!

  6. satvinder says:

    Veer ji,

    Thank you for the continuous service you provide. Your posts are always an inspiration.

    Veer ji, I am unable to view videos that you have posted as audio you have any recommendations? I can however view the downloadable links (eg the other video of Gurka Singh).

    Kind regards

  7. You need to have the flash player installed in order to watch the videos you can download from:

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanku that was truly enlightening, we need this kind of information taught at grassroots…explain why we do many things routinuely without thinking….next time I put my hands together to pray i will do so with a greater understanding and consciousness.

  9. marc oliver says:

    I was reading the Christian New Testament First Timothy chapter 2 verse 8: “I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”

    As a child I learned to pray with my hands folded similiar to what you show. I cannot find any evidence in God’s Word about folding hands, but thank you for your explination. I became a believer in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for all our sins about 17 years ago and had my sins forgiven so I am trying to learn how God wants me to pray. In the Bible I see kneeling, bowing the head, beating the breast and looking toward heaven.

  10. Kuljinder Singh says:

    Guruka Singh’s videos are available on youtube( Search for Guruka keyword.


  11. Disha says:

    Thanks! that was really nice. I have done reiki healing and I have felt the power when hands come together.  It was quite touching to feel the peace descend on mind, with such a simple ritual done properly.  I am a researcher and much interested in brain and cognition but strangely I feel I cannot brush away the powerful messages I get from rituals and paradigms that have been set in many ways all across the world,  I cannot call them fiction, I’d rather call them unexplained ..waiting for the sceince to reach it..