New Look for Blog

As you can see there is a different design/look for the blog. I still have some tweaks and changes to make….but let me know what you think. (Ps. I’m going to be changing the header image and probably making the font sizes larger)

I like this one because it is much more “soft” and relaxing.

15 Responses to “New Look for Blog”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i like this 1 tooo….nd yes it is relaxing!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gurmustuk Singh Jeeeeeee :'(

    Please bring your old style back! It doesnt feel normal reading your blog with this new layout. Please Gurumustuk Singh? :(

    Gursamrat Singh CA

  3. Anonymous says:

    nice color ,soothrning to eyes

  4. Nice and soft. Now I just hope it doesn’t make me fall asleep at work!! 8)

    I thought you were taking the weekend off….

  5. Gurinder says:

    soft colors are excellent,but its kinda difficult to read! I think that I need order a Microscope.

    Are we going to get more Sakhi’s(true stories) ?

  6. Gurinder says:

    Now the font size is better and it is easier on the eyes.

    thank you for consideration.

    I don’t think that I need to buy a microscope now


  7. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk it looks really nice cousin love you Jenny Miner

  8. kiran says:

    hi there,

    i just wanted to say that the old look was much better…. and whats with the green colour? I think that if you like the new look then cool but i would sooo definatly change to some other colour other then a shade of green…

    lots of pyar


    ps its sunny in london today and chances of rain are pretty high.

  9. Looks like everyone has their own preference. Some like it…and others not. I obviously like the new look. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to a change. We tend to try to stick with what is familiar.

  10. Previous one was much better.

  11. Why did you like the previous design better? It helps to give some specifics…

    I personally like this new one MUCH better.

  12. Anonymous says:

    this appearance is definitely the best…..more soothing and eye-catching…..please keep the green colour as it is….i really like the combination,though you could probably do with bigger fonts.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Your previous one said KHALSA!! This one says something else. Deffenetly prefer your old one. This is still not getting me used to it. Dont feel the same reading from you like this. The rest is upto you. The lay out was much better too last time.

    Waheguruji ka khalsa Waheguruji ki fateh


  14. Anonymous says:

    I like the new look to your blog. You could also make some changes to Like changing the download section. It looks kinda old.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Changes are good. Some of us adapt easily to these and some of us don’t.
    & them again some things should change and some shouldn’t… just like Sikhi .. what are the changes that we should be open to in Sikhi and which are the ones that we shouldn’t accept .. should shed some light on the topic Gurmustak Singh ji.