Winter Solstice Camp in Florida (Dec 19-25th)

Some of you might have seen some of the pictures and videos that I posted this past June of the Summer Solstice camp that we have in the mountains above Espanola, New Mexico. Every year we hold two different camps. One in the summer time, and one in the winter.

The Winter Solstice Camp is coming up soon (Dec 19th) and will be in Lake Wales, Florida (USA). This was the camp that I met my wife Arjan Kaur, so it holds special significance for me. I wanted to take this time to invite you all to participate in this camp. It is smaller than the summer camp and very cozy. You’ll have an opportunity to meet quite a few new and interesting people from all over the world and different religious backgrounds. The camps tend to draw a large percentage of “western” Sikhs, yoga practioners and spiritual seekers. I personlly would love to see more of my Punjabi brothers and sisters at the camp. If you enjoy this blog than I’m sure you will enjoy the camp. Especially if you are interested in visiting Espanola or curious about our Sikh communities.

I have gone to these camps since I was just a little baby, and still go even today. This year I won’t be able to go to the Winter Solstice Camp but my parents (Sat Kirin Kaur & Siri Vishnu Singh) and brother Dharam will be there along with many of the local Espanola sangat.

After going to the camps in England many people there expressed an interest to participate in our camps here in the US. So…there you go. Hopefully some of you can take up the opportunity and go to the camp. It is mostly geared towards adults but whole families come and there are activities for all ages. Overall it will probably be a very different experience for you, but hopefully an inspirational, fun, and education one.

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(Southwest Airlines normally has pretty good fares for travel to Orlando, Florida where most people fly to)

9 Responses to “Winter Solstice Camp in Florida (Dec 19-25th)”

  1. Sardar Gurumustak Singh Ji,

    Thank you for posting those videos. I really like all of them. I have downloaded most of them to show those to my frineds, family who dont have time to visit your website. I visit your site may be 10 times a day if not more ! I almost watched all the videos and I am watching and listening to Shri Singh Sahib lecture was given on Aug 17, 1995 in los angles. Can you make that available to download? I haven’t done any yoga before but I am so interested in learning this science. I really wanted to be part of this Winter Solstice but i am goning to India close to those days. I am planing to attend Summer Solstice in june. How long it takes to master kundalini? or may I ask, how long it will cost me to buy all the DVDs of Shri Singh Sahib on Kundalin yoga !! You have always answered my question whenever I posted. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Once again, if you can make that video available to download. Also pay my regards to Phabiji !! I am really looking meeting you guys during summer Solstice. I hope you permit to call Arjan Kaur khalsa phabiji !! you know how sweet this word is. Lots of love to master Narayan.
    Also those turban tying videos were awesome. I actually always wanted to learn how to tie Damala Turban. Now I know the trick but haven’t practiced becuase I cannot find the right kind of turban material. I am going to India and I will buy it from there… ok ji !!! chardi kalan !! Akal Sahai !!!

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa||
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh ||

  2. Gurinder says:

    I wish that I could attend these camps. Maybe sometime in the future for sure

  3. Mohinder Singh: I don’t think I can make that video available for download since I don’t have rights to do that.

    >>How long it takes to master kundalini?

    I never really thought of the goal of “mastering”. I don’t think that is the purpose. However…everyone might progress in their experiences and improvements at different rates.

    There are not currently DVD lectures. There are some audio lecture available on CD…and you can buy DVD classes on Kundalini Yoga online.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Gurumustuk don’t you think videos should be made available?

    I think they should.

    I really am not with the idea of “copyrighting” information which should be freely available, just so that a few individuals can make money.

    Thats my take on it.

    Yoga and its teachings, like Gurbani are FREE and should be.

    But of course some people think differently.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think that there should be:

    1)No taxes
    2) Free education, college also
    3) free groceries
    4) free housing
    5) free clothing
    6) free drugs
    7) free cars
    8) why should I pay to raise my children,, they should receive everything Free

    But I am willing to pay for my instant gratifications!

  6. Prabhu Singh says:

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is Karma. Whatever is recieved freely will have to be paid for in some way. The Siri Singh Sahib was a master Yogi and he made his living by teaching what he was a master of. He passed these teachings on to his students and several of them make their livings by teaching yoga as well.
    If you were able to make a living doing what your passionate about wouldn’t that be great?
    I’m most passionate about Sikh Dharma, but I can’t make my living teaching that. Although I enjoy what I do for work, I’m not really changing lives. I do impact people on a personal level, but I don’t have the time or the space to stop work and give seminars to my coworkers who want to know more.
    I know some people who really help and reach out to a lot of people by teaching yoga. Most western Sikhs came to this path through their Sikh yoga teacher. Those that are not destined to the Sikh path at least gain lifestyle changes that benefit them and others who they are in contact with, through their yogic practice. Those teachers who are impacting lives couldn’t do so if they had to make money in other ways.
    There are always ways to get something for free. If you really want to learn yoga, you can borrow a book or a video class from somebody. Or you can ask friends to teach you what they know, but if that becomes available to everybody then some people will loose their job and their mission will be halted.
    It may not seem nice to everybody, but it is really clever (good business) to take your mission and make your living from it as well. If you don’t charge something for what you give, it will not be valued. People place a high value on their house and their car, and they want their money’s worth. If you have to pay something for yoga class then you’re really going to listen to what the teacher has to say, and your really going to go home and practice daily, otherwise you won’t get your money’s worth. You gain Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) and the teacher maintains their living and the ability to help others achieve Sadhana.

  7. Gurinder says:

    I agree with Prabhu, that we have to pay for the services sometime. Even when we listen to Kirtan at the gurdwara its our obligation to donate as much as possible, maybe one dollor or else, it depends how much we can afford.

    Since lot of Kirtan jathae’s have BILLS to pay. They also have families and want their children to have everything as we want to. when ever someone comes up a CD or DVD it has its initial costs.

    This could be ONE of the REASONS that Sikhi does not have lot of literature out there, because people begin to throw tantrums that since its gurbani it should be free!!!

    Its lot easy to say this or that should be free! I also agree with the Second anon, why don’t we think other stuff should also be provided to us free of charge.

  8. aman kaur says:

    dear mr sikhnet. I am going to orlando with my partner between 2nd dec 05 and 12th dec 05 to visit orlando theme parks. unfortunately we leave too early to attend these camps, but do u know off any sikhs sangats or gurdwaras out there near international drive or the main orlando parks? Also, what is lake wales like (location of the camp?) why have the organisers chosen that particular location?

  9. aman kaur: I’m not sure about Gurdwaras in Orlando…

    The area for the event is a Campsite (Ranch) that normally in the summer might have other types of camps. I’m not sure why this location was chosen. We have been having camps there for many many years.