Stories of Guru Nanak – Part 1 (For the kids)

On different Gurpurbs and special days in Sikh history Guru Simran Kaur organizes fun educational things for the kids to do, so that they can learn about Sikh history and about the Gurus. In Nov. 2001, a few months after Narayan was born I recorded a series of stories that we had over a few nights. Guru Meher Kaur (Mataji) who is our Gurdwara/Ashram Secretary loves to tell Sikh stories to the children here in our community and has been doing so for many many years. Here is the first part of the Stories of Guru Nanak; in honor of the upcoming Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Keep in mind that these stories are meant for the children…so if you have kids you can get them to watch it online or download the video to watch. Download the video(Right click on above link and select "save target as") Ps. Tonight there was such a coincidance. I created this video last night (which was from 4 years ago) and this evening Guru Meher Kaur had another Children’s story session where she told this same story…and there was even one of the kids who asked about the aura around Guru Nanak, just like in this video. It was like a repeat….but to other kids.

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  1. Gurinder says:

    Excellent stories of Guruji. Even though I knew about these stories but just listening them over and over again brings peace to the heart and to the mind!

    Thank you

  2. Gurinder Singh (San Diego) says:

    Excellent Naration, Absolutely riveting.

    Thanks Gurumustuk jee.

    I would love to share it with the kids at Punjabi/Gurmat School in San Diego and my own kids.

    However, I could not download it. It asks for userid and password.

    Can you please move it to a public server, so I can download it?

    Thank You

  3. Gurkirpal says:

    i like it…
    Can you pls.. add more ..

  4. Palvinder says:

    wjkk wjkf..veerji y cant i download it ..i wanted my lil bro whos 7 n intrested in sikhi to watch as i have run out of stories every night…PLZ HELP!!!wjkk wjkf!

  5. I fear that I have the same trouble. I cannot download due to the password request. I tried logging in with both a blogger account and a account.

    I look forward to enjoying it.

  6. This was a mistake… I fixed the login problem…so you can download the video.

    Stay tuned…tonight I’ll post the next video with more stories :)

    Narayan just watched it and he was glued to the computer listening to the story.

  7. Thank you Gurumustuk.

  8. xSHANTIx says:

    hehe i watched that last nite b4 going to bed..i found it not here but on your video page..shes a wonderful storyteller…God bless her and those who listen to her Vaheguroo

  9. When I was searching some bedtime strories for my kids I found really good path. “The Ray of Light”. Me and My kids enjoyed Guru Nanak Stories by heart. Please keep adding more and more stories.

    That is the best bedtime story website.
    Special Thanks to Guru Meher Kaur Ji. She is doing Great for Kids.

    God Bless You.

  10. Jasbir Kaur says:

    Thanks a lot. We really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Jasbir Kaur

  11. harinder says:

    thanks a lot khalsa ji

  12. savneet singh says:

     i liked the site , but im keen to know more

  13. khusu says:

    that was is really good   i liked it

  14. Kamalpreet Kaur says:

    i really feel peace in my haert by listening story about Guru Nanak Ji
    and i un believable that other people like white people are following sikh religion and not all but some sikh should feel shy because of not following their religion becoz i don't think so that going to Gurudwara is on the way to reach God but we have to follow the same as he said before

  15. kpreetbrar says:

    I really like your way of telling teh story and also i feel peace in my heart
    i diidn't found rest of the part and I am eager to listen the rest of the part
    I am married but i don't have kids but whenI will have my kids
    I will surely teach them about our guru's and ddon't allow them to do the mistake what we did
    then Guru mehar kaur Ji
    wahe guru

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