Single Eligible Man: Prabhu Singh Khalsa

Just in case the single Gursikh ladies didn’t already know, Prabhu Singh (who was in the video interview below) is a very eligible single Sikh man.

He is 25 years old, has a masters in computer science, is very intelligent, spiritual, and has quite a bit of energy. He is very athletic, adventurous, and knows how to have fun. He loves to do seva and is part of the “Sikh Española Volunteer Association” (SEVA) here in Espanola, New Mexico (USA).

The type of person he would be interested in meeting:
Someone who enjoys anything and everything Sikh. Likes to do their banis, likes to wake up in the Amrit Vela, likes to do Naam Simran, Loves to go to Gurdwara and be in the sangat. Someone who is open minded, enjoys physical activities, the outdoors, and overall just enjoys life.

So…there you are. A brief picture about Prabhu Singh. He didn’t ask me to post this information, so I hope he is ok with me putting this online. You can email him at: [email protected] I don’t know how often he checks this email, but if you think you have chemistry with him…try sending an email. Rest is up to Guru ji :)

Ok..lunch break is over… time to get back to work.

20 Responses to “Single Eligible Man: Prabhu Singh Khalsa”

  1. xSHANTIx says:

    woooooooooooow what a Prabhu advert…i should do one of those ads for myself and see who emails me :p hmmm Vahegurooooooo

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    Oh man! I didn’t expect to see that.
    In case people couldn’t tell I was nervous in that interview. I’m very sociable and comfortable amongst the people I know, but I’m kind of shy when things are being broadcasted. That’s why I don’t put a lot of pictures of myself on my blog.

  3. ik singh says:

    aweeeeeee prabhu! we love you! you’re a fellow introvert! i just pictured you all red faced when you saw your ad/infomercial?:)
    ha ha ha LOL! too cute!

  4. ik singh says:

    okay fine i’ll do the honors!;p

    xshantix, meet prabhu singh!:) why don’t you guys exchange email adds or blog adds and go from there.

    sorry Gurumustak, didn’t mean to take your bichola job away from you…:)

  5. Gurinder says:

    Ik singh

    HO Gaya match!!! Sweets!! DHOL!!

    Seriously, exchange emails and see where it goes!!!

  6. I agree with shanti, I should do something like that on my blog!lol

  7. Prabhu is not an introvert. He may be shy in some situations…but he is quite verbally expressive and loves to chat. I think he is a double Gemini. My wife is a Gemini too and she loves to chit-chat and socialize.

  8. We just had a meeting with some of the youth who work in our organizations…and I realized so many of our local youth (boys and girls) are single. Pretty much everyone around the table except me and one other.

    Lots of work still to be done!

    Do I feel a Sikh singles mixer coming on??

  9. SinghKhalsa says:

    Wah Wah!!
    Prabhu..the most eligible single.
    I was thinkin of hooking him up with a shy pure punjabi gal direct from a pind of punjab.

    What do ya think…praaaabhu?

  10. SinghKhalsa says:

    I know gmail offers over 2GB of space but do not flood prabhus email.


  11. Hari Singh says:

    Hi Gurumustuk,

    I totally agree with you – there are too many young Sikhs who are single but would make excellent married people.

    I think this Bachola role needs some extra help and a big constant push from all the sangat. New ideas must be introduced so that we see more of these folks sufferi——-sorry, I meant enjoying married life as promoted by our Gurus.

    Come on all you Guys & Girls – let’s have some fresh thoughts on this important and very relevant issue.

  12. I’m with ik singh – xshantix, meet Prabhu Singh; Prabhu Singh, please meet this lovely and devoted Sikh lady – who undoubtedly has a very charming Scottish accent! :-D

    (us old married folks LOVE to play matchmaker, haha!)

    Gurukarm Kaur

  13. ik singh says:

    prabhu and xshantix, all i ask for is an invitation :)…it’ll be a good excuse to visit vespaneola or europe for that matter.

    have you decided on how many kids you want and their names yet? here’s my suggestion(s):
    Kicker Singh (if boy) and Prito Kaur(if girl).

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey gurumustuk i was wonderiing well im 20 now and i would love to get married to a singh in usa in a few years not exactly ready for marriage just yet. so just keep an eye out if you know any singhs around 23 ish thanks :D

  15. ik singh says:

    ann, you have the right idea, sort of. i see so many people turning to sikhnet matrimonials and other mat services when they think they’re ready to get married.

    i thought love happened when you least expect it? not when you think you’re ready!?

    yes, it’s true that you shouldn’t get married when you’re not ready (financialy and maturety wise) but it doesn’t mean that you should wait until you’re ready to get married to start your search for a partner.

    why not make as many friends as you can before that…why not expand your cirle with services like sikhpal, sikhnet chat, wikipedia (sikhiwiki) and blogger. there is really no excuse for anyone to say “i can’t find a sikh to get married to”. because if you hang out with non-sikhs until you’re “ready” then most likely you’re going to be not married to a sikh or are going to have to “settle”.

    technology has made the whole world about 200 miles wide, almost a shouting distance compared to 15 years ago. i actually think that blogs are really a window into people’s minds and lives.

    of course i’m not hurting matri services with what i’m saying because the people who’re going to use those services are people who are ready to get married or get other’s married.

    but then again “love marriage” doesn’t last as long as “arrainged marriage”…right? so let the professionals, gurumustak & arjan bichola service take over!

  16. Anonymous says:

    ….technology has made the whole world about 200 miles wide, almost a …….

    WHY 200 miles??? Why not some other number

  17. ik singh says:

    hey, no nitpicking!

    fine…i wanted to make it a tweener distance. distance where it’s almost a long drive but too short of a flight to consider flying…

  18. FlyingSingh13 says:

    Although that depends on what your flying, 200 miles can take a while in a single engine plane

    Not that im nitpicking

  19. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.
    I can say it’s funny chating Well msingh nice blog.