Interview with Prabhu Singh

This was another one of the interviews that I did last week with my good friend and fellow blogger Prabhu Singh. He shares some of his experiences as a Sikh growing up in Espanola, and his motivations and inspirations.

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Prabhu Singh updates his weblog on a regular basis at:

9 Responses to “Interview with Prabhu Singh”

  1. Wow!…that was amazing! Very touching Bhai Prabhu Singh Jee. It’s nice to see someone in such Chardi Kala, even after all the negative forces that tried to bring you down (people making fun of you etc.) Good job Bro…keep it up!

  2. manpreet says:

    Sat Nam!

    I already knew the strength, the fierceness, the devotion from the blog comments.
    What a sweet surprise to see the kindness…
    Thank you for being so open!

  3. SinghKhalsa says:

    That is really awesome. Very motivating.

    Stay in chardikala prabhu.
    May Waheguru bless u with everything u want in life.

  4. Gurinder says:

    Prabhu always has been inspiring and he is a good scholar!

  5. Hari Singh says:

    That was an amazing interview, so very inspiring and that guy, Prabhu Singh must be gifted. He has so much love for the Guru. I hope he keeps that with him always – because that pyare is such a pure motivator and driver in life.

    GMS many thanks for such an in-depth interview; I must say you are getting much through and extracting much more from your subjects as time progresses. Humbly, can I suggest a few aspects that you may want to add next time to your interviews – these are the point that left a few question marks for me and I would have loved answers for! – How did you become a Sikh? Give us a summary of background relating to how and why you became a Sikh of the Guru? Were you born into Sikhi? For what reasons did you become a Sikh? What aspects of Sikhi convinces you to stay on this path? – Something like that!?!

    I hope you don’t mind me making these suggestions?

    Keep up the great work. It’s absolutely wonderful. Well done.

  6. Hari Singh: The video interviews that I have posted so far were all from one day. On Guru Gaddi Day I recorded them…and have slowly been posting them as I have time.

    About your questions…I thought they were already addressed.

    Those that were not born a Sikh I did an interview about WHY they became a Sikh. And those that were born a Sikh (like Prabhu Singh and Hari Bhajan Kaur) I asked about their motivations for being a Sikh and the challenges that they had to overcome.

  7. Sumeet Singh says:

    Thank you GurMastuk Singh Ji for the commendable interview.

    Prabhu Singh among men and Hari Bhajan Kaur (interviewed earlier) among women represent an archetype that keeps repeating itself. This archetype is the tyrany of majority over minority.

    Eversince the begining, the history is replete with bloodshed, genocide, mass-murder and subtle conversion or enticement as a way to force minority to conform to the majority culture as if majority ways were the only best ways.

    Yet it is a fact that every majority culture was once a minority. For instance, Galileo, who proclaimed the earth to be round and revolving around the Sun, was sentenced to death by majority christian rulers for offending Biblical theory because Galileo’s theory was a minority voice at that time.

    Centuries after his death sentence, Galileo is pardoned for wrongful conviction and his minority theory is the “absolute” majority theory today, with no dissent. So you have seen how a minority voice, once considered faulty by majority of the people, becomes a majority voice, the right voice centuries after.

    For these reasons, protection of minorities became the center-piece of modern constitutions and laws.

    Although minority rights are recognized and protected in books,Prabhu Singh and Hari Bhajan Kaur’s testimony raises a question: why the long arm of law has not reached the school yard, the nursery of humanity where the vulnerable child needs the most protection? The answer is perhaps the childern are exempt from prosecution of law.

    Typically Prabhu Singh suggests that his identity was respected in college and at work. This is so because adults can be prosecuted for discrimination, childern cannot be.

    Childern may be exempt from prosecution, yet childern are not exempt from decipline. They can be made a subject of diciplinary action, if they persecute, ridicule or bully weak or minority children. Failure of school authorities to dicipline the students could “possibly” be made the the subject of prosecution then.

    As a minority commmunity, Sikhs need to get together to ponder on ways to protect, not only the Sikh childern but also other minority childern who fall under the archetype that Prabhu Singh among men and Hari Bhajan Kaur among women represents.

    (Prabhu, Hari Bhajan: Perhaps you both may lead an initiative in this direction. Wanna undertake the heroic act of protecting minority kids from the tyrany of majority, that you braved so heroically.

    My regal ruler,
    My princess of paradise !

    Lead your caravan; the victory shall kiss thy feet; Heaven shall await thy arrival; love shall adore you; a caravan of angels shall lift you; may God bless you! Start your venture, now.)

  8. Sikhi Seeker says:

    Yet another inspiring interview – thanks Gurumustak ji! But I have to say that this is my favourite for several reasons. Firstly it means much more, considering the fact that I feel that I am learning about the life of a person who I sort of know in real life (considering that I almost never miss checking his blog :P)

    It was (as I presume) a remarkable coincidence of the music chosen. The first part depicted ‘Bairaag’ and the latter half represented joy in contentment and peace – well at least to me it did. And that was so in line with Prabhu’s interview. Amazing!

    To Prabhu Khalsa: I think you have and are continuously achieving a great success at one of the goals that you mentioned in your interview about inspiring others by living a ‘righteous’ life. You have inspired me and I really want to thank you for all the wisdom you have shared:)

    God bless you and let no hardship cross your ways anymore!

  9. I am very proud of Prabhu Singh as a member of our sangat in Espanola, and as my step-son. He is a good example of an honest straight-forward young man who is a real leader in the Sikh community.