Too Busy…or Do you Not like SikhNet?

Last week I posted something about the upcoming SikhNet fundraiser and was hoping to get some video testimonials from people. To my surprise… I haven’t received anything yet. :( I know it’s only been 4 days… but I was hoping that some of you would be excited and grab a digital camera for some fun.

Just think….you’ll be seen all over the internet! What will this to to your popularity? I guess this might be intimidating for some. But hey…it will be fun and people will enjoy it. You could be up in the Google search engine ranks with Ash Singh who is ranked as the coolest Sikh! Fame and fortune! Have it All! Hahaha…

So…once again I am putting out another request to you all. Just get a camera and have someone record it. Share whatever you want. Share how SikhNet has impacted you, what you like, stories, humor, etc. Just record something that relates to SikhNet. Think of it as your way to help SikhNet out.

You don’t want to disappoint Narayan do you??? He asked pretty nicely…didn’t he?

If you have any questions about this “assignment”…feel free to email me. You can use the YouSendIt service to send the video to me (Emailing big files can be a pain). In the YouSend It service address it to: [email protected]

Ps. I had a great weekend off from the blog (well…sort of.). I started working on a different page to archive all the videos and MP3 files that I post for easy access. More to come.

6 Responses to “Too Busy…or Do you Not like SikhNet?”

  1. ik singh says:

    the reason i didn’t do it was because i thought mine would get lost in the shuffle.

    my initial concern was privacy. but i think there are ways to protect your privacy and still support sikhnet by doing this.

    so i was thinking…i do this but the video be only used for the fundraiser and nothing else? meaning not on the internet…is that fair gurumustak?

  2. Gurumustuk Singh:

    I bet if you set up your video camera at Thursday langar, you could get some people to give you testimonials…just a thought!

    Otherwise, will you accept written testimonials with a photo?

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  4. ik singh: The video an online video on the internet…but part of our fundraiser video (not a video by itself. If you have any concerns you can let me know.

    Sarb Nam Kaur: I thought about that…but wanted to get some video of people outside our community. I guess I have the impression that no one local goes to SikhNet.

  5. SikhsRus says:


    In my opinion, Sikhnet is bridging a great gap among various sikh communities all over and bringing them closer. Especially, it is just the protocol that is keeping us separated. Once we are over that initial step, Sikhs are pretty much feel the same about each other. Yes, everybody may have individual opinion on various things, but overall it is all the same. The great feeling I get when I visit a Sikh Gurudwara anywhere on this earth is the same.

  6. gurusharan says:

    LOVE Sikhnet and all the wonderful work you are doing, including sharing your life with us. But am too old and technologically inept to make and send a video. Don’t even have a camera to do it. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are not being ignored.