Holloween Party

Arjan loves the social life and we wanted to do something fun with Narayan so we hosted a small “pot luck” dinner party. All our friends with kids brought the kids over and we ate dinner and then walked around our area going from door to door and “trick or treat”ed. The kids loaded up with candy. I got some video and will post some of that too later.

This is pure American Culture. Do any of you get dressed up on Holloween? I’m Curious if others Sikhs do this. It’s a lot of fun for the kids.

The wizard (Dumbledore) and the witch at our holloween party at our house. That’s a real beard too…… unlike the actor who plays the wizard in Harry Potter. Comes in Handy being a Sikh :) He could probably dress up as Santa Clause too. Hahaha..

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  1. Gurinder says:

    I used to go out for trick a treating alot, but use to wear a cheap plastic mask! It used to be lot of fun and used to bring lots of candies home.

    Actually, I wanted to dress like a wizard! maybe next year!!

  2. I personally don’t think that Gursikhs should put aside our GURU-GIVEN BANA, and dress up like ghosts and goblins. I especially don’t like it when Gursikhs wear hats, because we all know that Guru Gobind Singh Ji told us we can’t wear hats.

    In my opinion, Khalsa should rise above these kinds of things. Amercian culture is one thing, and Khalsa Rehat is another. And for the people who are probably gonna ask me, “Show me where it says we can’t do this”…well, some things just require common sense, as to why they should or should not be done.

    And i know some people are gonna say that i am being fanatical, and whats the harm in having fun, but i will stick with my decision that halloween is not for Sikhs, and we should not put aside our Bana given to us by our father, even if it is just for one night.

    (also Gurumustak Singh Ji, you may want someone who knows alot of Punjabi to check out the music you have in the background. It sounds like chamkila, who was assasinated for his pornographic lyrics…but i can’t understand the lyrics really well, so you may wanna check them just in case)

  3. Gurinder says:

    Here we go Again!!!!!!

    People, relax! What is proper for sikhs or not is not your decision. You may have lot of other dislikes, so does that means that we have to follow you likes and dislikes.

    About the song! If you can’t EVEN understand the lyrics then how you came up with this conculsion! Its NOT pronographic and NOT SUNG by chamkila. the singer is Mohammed sidiq and Ranjit kaur!

    So, if you think Halloween or other festivals are NOT for sikhs then please do NOT celebrate them.

    Personally, I have been celebrating every festival that comes across and which brings joy to the family. I enjoy them with everyone and it does NOT demeaning to the Guruji.

    Since when people like you began to have Visions…….

  4. SikhsRus says:

    My kids dressed up as super heroe, california raisin, and a rock star. I just dressed up as an Indian (just kidding) this year, but I did dress up a few years back as a pirate. Boy! some of those costumes and displays are just gruesome. My youngest one (6 at that time) about two years ago was really scared in one of the houses, that I took me a while to get him back to normal. But I still think it is a lot of fun as long as we keep it positive. I personally don’t like all this dark, bloody stuff, but heroes, villains, funny characters are OK. My daughter is starting to dress gothic, which I am having hard time adjusting to.

  5. SikhsRus says:

    Oh, BTW, I love the dumbledore and witch costume. It is really great. I heard the movies are getting scarier and scarier as Harry Potter and others are growing up. I don’t know if I should take the youngest one to the one coming out this month. If someone has seen it, please inform if suitable for 8 and 11 year olds.

  6. Gurinder says:

    Holloween is OVER!!! GEt ready for Diwali, the festival of lights!!!!!

    My favorite fire crackers used to be ROCKETS!!!! It used to be lot of fun with fire works and sweets!!! Lamps every where!!!


  7. Prabhu Singh says:

    I think the first mistake of a Sikh is to be intolerant of other people.

    I admire Khalsa warrior’s discipline. If he is happy, that is great. I’m also very strict in my life, but I don’t assume that I know any better than anybody else. The Khalsa rehit is clear on what is a kurehit and we all know what those kurehits are. Every jetha or group or whatever knows the kurehits. The question is rehit.
    There are so many rehits, which GurSikh’s rehit should we follow? Maybe we should be GurSikhs! If we abstain from the kurehits, are we not capable of living our own rehit? We are all different. My rehit involves taking cold showers (really cold right now) in the morning. Should I judge others who don’t follow that? This practice came from great GurSikhs before me. There were no hot water heaters in the time of the Gurus, so it is likely their showers (baths) were cold as well. Does that give me justification to judge others?
    At the first sight of intolerance I don’t recognize a Sikh. My greatest love of this path is the love of service. I love the thought of being humble and seeing God in all. I cannot do that when I think I know better than everybody else.
    I am not the Braham Gyani, so what do I really know? I know that I don’t have the right to judge the actions of others.

  8. OMG! gurumustak, i’m really mad at you! i really am. i don’t know why you take stuff off.

    those kinda things are what’s good about this blog. it makes you human. it gives this inspiring blog a human touch. do you want to be a saint? or pretend to be a saint? if so then i rather not come here anymore and just go to http://www.granthsahib.com

    i can find a gazillion things wrong with your lifestyle and khalsa warrior’s lifestyle and everyone else on here (especially gurinder! :)) and of course more than a gazillion things wrong with myself as well…the point of this blog i thought was to be true to yourself and let us see what you see…how a good human being can survive and succeed in this world.

    there is a reason i thought that this blog was seprated from sikhnet?

    and whatever happened to

    and i’m sorry if this is considered a hindu festival…what can i say they/the borgh got to me too! :) but i really love diwali, it was like christmas of india. and of course Lohri for kites and Vasakhi for melas.

    Sat Nam!

    and OHHH i almost forgot…
    Chamkila was NOT ASSASINATED, he was murdered by some jealous freaks. i have all of his albums…his lyrics weren’t pornographic. each song told a story of everyday life in punjab. it comes as a shock to me that someone who lives in the west finds his lyrics pornographic. i guess tele-tubbies are pornographic for you too!

    SAT NAM!

  9. mr. Pic Singh: I have NO idea what you are talking about. I have not changed or taken anything off.

    I have no illusion about who I am and my own faults, and do not try to portray myself as a “saint” or better than anyone. I just try to share my interests and inspirations in hope that others can feel some of it too. My life is pretty open book for all to see.

    Sorry for not wishing you a Happy Diwali. Culturally this hasn’t been a big holiday for me. No one really celebrates it where I live.

    In any case…maybe you should clarify what you are thinking happened or ask a question before attacking me….and making an assumption.

  10. SikhsRus says:


    As I said before, some people spend their days and whole lives attacking, criticizing, using sarcasm to make their points. Please ignore. It is not you that they have something against, it is their own insecurities and instabilities in their lives they are trying to hide. I have friends and family members that put me down to make themselves look better. All we can do is ask Waheguru to show them the right path and forgive them. I am not a perfect sikh, but I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings and stay positively focussed. On a funny note, here is a car sticker I loved. You can make whatever you want ot make out of it:

    “Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”

  11. Gurumustak, once again one can’t put enough smiley faces on the internet.

    Here’s what I Assumed:

    this khalsa warrior personality said what he said and you took off the movie from this blog because of his/her objection. that’s why i’m mad at you.

    of course this is an assumption…is it a correct assumption? because i can’t get to the movie he’s talking about. and i can’t get to other movies on this blog that others have objected to either.

    btw, my post was a compliment to your blog. i don’t know why you thought it was an attack. what part did you not agree with? that it was inspirational? or that it was human? or that you’re not a saint? thought of as an attack? if it was an attack it was an attack on intolerance.

    and manjit, i’m going to ignore your post cuz i think you were a bit too quick on the trigger.:)

    in any case you interpreted it the way you interpreted it and for that i’m sorry!

  12. Mr Pic Singh: All the videos are still online and playable. I have not done anything. Must be a technical issue on your end. You can watch the Halloween video on this very post… just as you should be able to do for other videos. You might try it from another computer/internet connection.

  13. 1st of all i apologize about the song in the background, i thought it sounded alot like chamkila.

    Mr Pic Singh…chamkila had ALOT of controversy about his lyrics. And i hear that they are VERY VERY dirty…like i’m talking extremely dirty (i remember hearing it when i was younger, and the people i was with were telling me what he was saying and i was shocked!)…heres a link to chamkila’s story.


    So anyways, i just say what i feel. If i have offended anyone, then i apologize. And for those who say that i am telling people what is okay and what is not, i can say the same thing back to you. I can say to you that, why are you telling people it’s okay to celebrate halloween?

    Bhai Gurumustak Singh Ji, i have alot of respect for you, and all that you have done. Please don’t feel that i am coming on your blog with negative ideas all the time. I am just trying to tell the other side of the story. And one thing which i feel, and i think you may feel this too, is that if you still allowed anonymous posts, you would get alot of posts similar to mine. If anyone feels that i should stop posting on this blog, just say so. I am just expressing my views, and i do not claim to be a good Sikh. I need alot of work on my Sikhi. All i am doing is telling the ‘other side of the story’, and i know there are thousands of Gursikhs who have similar views as i do, and thousands that may not. Thank you and take care.

  14. Khalsa Warrior: Thank you for sharing.

    One of my goals with the blog is to show that you being spritual doesn’t mean you have to be fanatic. People generally think…in order to be really spiritual you have to do XYZ and be fanatic. You can be a normal person and do normal things.

    In my life I always try to seek balance. Too much either way can throw you off. I try to keep my mind open and not judge others. There are many ways to live and each person has a right to do what they feel is right.

    Even with Sikhi…everyone has a different perspective on what is right and wrong. I view Sikhi as being a very open way of life and try to live the essense of what the Guru’s taught. It’s easy to get caught up in a narrow frame of mind and start making judgements on what you think is right or wrong.

  15. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…sorry i get “page not found” for the videos i’m talking about. although today i’m not getting anything, but was getting something this morning.

    kw, i’m with you on the ann posts. one thing i’m sort of turned off with this blog is the “pile on” affect by the bloggers. if a person has a different point of view than the person who’s blog it is then god help him/her if they post it on here.

    honestly i think “we love you gurumustak and don’t be discouraged by the previous post” would do just fine but we have to kill the other person’s character for simply stating an opinion.

    just to be fair to myself i’ve never posted anything negative about anything posted by the Administrators of this blog. if i don’t like something i don’t say anything. but there are reasons why people do as stated by KW.

    Gurumustak, i think you should take your last post and make it a “stickie” out of it. just so you don’t have to repeat it over and over… and that’s what i was saying that this blog inspires us differently because it’s human just like the rest of us. some may see flaws but i see humanity.

    anyways…enough compliments for one day don’t you think? :))))

    KW, about chamkila i don’t agree with you. it’s pure art. (again just my opinion).

  16. Mr. Pic Singh: Try going to http://www.audioblog.com and see if you can reach the website. This is where my videos are hosted. If you can’t reach it…might be some internet problem.

  17. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk singh

    Please don’t feel bad about the comments made by mr pic,probably a teenager who has lot of internal conflict. He is just Rambling and being sarcastic!Just throwing tantrums at you! People usually PROJECT their thoughts and actions on other people.
    So, just relax!

    Khalsa warrior:
    I do agree with you regarding the chamikila lyrics that they were dirty. NOT PURE ART!

  18. SinghKhalsa says:

    Song by chamkila is a normal song. there is NUTHIN wrong in it. I know many songs by him which are really really bad…but the song here has nuthin wrong in it.

    BTW song can be bad or good only if u understand the lyrics…otherwise it is just music.

  19. I myself and many others don’t understand punjabi that well….so in most cases we just enjoy the music. So…keep that in mind if I post some background music…or something that is offensive. It is not intentional…but a language thing.

  20. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk ji

    relax, there is nothing wrong with the lyrics. Everyone dances to these lyrics and very same song at wedding receptions or other informal parties!!

    it has GOOD BEATS to the SONG!

  21. SikhsRus says:

    OK everyone! Time to light up your houses and enjoy!!! Happy Diwali. Don’t forget sweets, not too many though Halloween was just yesterday! Exercise tomorrow!

  22. ik singh says:

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