Narayan and some of the Espanola Gang dressed up at our house for holloween.

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  1. SikhsRus says:

    They just look so cute! I hope they have collected enough goodies to last them till next Halloween. I know mine have enough to last for almost two years.

  2. sikhrus: They always collect way too much. All of us parents sneak a bunch of the candy out…and replace with some healthier stuff.

    You can’t let the kids just eat the candy freely…otherwise it makes life crazy with so much sugar.

  3. Gurinder says:

    I remember that I used have two big piles of candies and I used to take days counting and sorting them over and over again!!! SILLY!

    Hey! no one could touch my candies because they used to be under my bed!
    somehow I ended up with healthy teeth.