Dharam and Himat …whoops… I mean the Ninja turtles came to our house. They ate some magic candy which made them grow 4 times their size so the clothes got too small.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey..i noe this is prob like a really old entry of urz like halloweenz in oct..but i was juz browsing thru n u noe how u mentioned that u aint sure whether other sikhs went trick or treating..well we did!! we stayed in kobe, japan n we used to go trick or treating in da neighbourhood n since we went to an american school we had like halloween parades in school which were so fun..i lived in japan about 10 years ago or so..so im not sure now..n after japan we moved to singapore n we used to go trick or treating there as well in da neighbourhood most of the houses were relatives then we’d go to the final house and haf a party there..now i live in sydney haha yeah moved alot..and no we dint go trick or treating coz we’re still new to the place…n we live in a suburban area and itz not really celebrated ard here..yeah..anwyayz sorry for the late entry n bye bye!!