Time for the Weekend!

This is what happens when you spend to much time on the computer like me. You start seeing things! Hahaha.. This is my desk at home. Notice the computer is off. This is how I hope to keep it this weekend.

Time to rest and hang out with the family. Hope you all do to!

9 Responses to “Time for the Weekend!”

  1. manpreet says:

    Sat Nam!

    Hope you have a really nice weekend with your family!

    Congratulations with your office; it is so clean!!!! (mine is always full of papers, since i have the bad habit of printing whatever i find useful. So having a computer did not reduce the paper, instead it increased!)
    About the video; ha,ha, is this how one looks at things when they drink too much bhang chai?? I really don’t know?
    Or is it just artistic? Modern art?
    How do you know all these tricks? Fun to do, i think.

    Nice weekend!

  2. Gurinder says:

    Over the weekend I came across this information regarding how Muslims want their MEN to seduce SIKH Girls into ISLAM. I thought these kind of tactics were used 500yrs ago NOT NOW!

    I have an news paper article which has shown openly about the agenda of Muslims in UK and other parts of the World.

    THese girls are seduced in to a relationship then taken to pakistan…

    WE NEED to EDucate our YOUTH!
    there is also info on VAHEGURU Blog and internet site:


    This internet site is created by the VICTIMS. I urge before everyone to pay some attention to this website or blog. We need to save our naive sisters!

  3. gurinder, i think you’ve spent way too much time in india. and way too much time exposed to indian/hindu agenda.

    please refrain yourself from singling out a religion. i doubt the number of sikh girls marrying muslims is even 1000th compared to how many marry HINDUS!!!!

    or does that make it okay?

    ohh yeah…it does! cuz Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Said it’s okay to marry a hindu but not a muslim.

    wait… he didn’t say that? ohh it must’ve been that girl from “bend it like beckham”! and every other “sikh” family from india!

    if you’re ready to believe your conspiracy then look at the numbers of “sikhs” who consider sikhism as a sect of hinduism, don’t keep their hair, don’t consider punjabi as their language, could care less about the farmers of punjab over the central govt. who are living in punjab!

    please don’t perpetuate such stupidity.

  4. SikhsRus says:

    I kind of agree with Gurinder, in the last few months I have also read a few news stories of muslims here in the United States converting jail inmates, muslims trying all kinds of tactics to lure girls(sikh and non-sikh) in England. I don’t kow how much of this is just a anti-muslim/terrorism propaganda by media etc., but I can’t say that this does not happen.

    Anyways, the point is that education about what it means to be a true Sikh. Sometimes I wonder about the character of parents, when I hear stories of kids lying, cheating, doing drugs etc. It may not be directly their fault, but they must know what is going on in their lives. I guess it comes down to being truthful and kind to your kids. Sikhs don’t lie and speak the truth, yet I have met many that lie and cheat all the times.

  5. Gurinder says:

    To Mr Pic Singh,
    It not a question of marrying someone or changing your religion to Islam. I would respect anyone who changes their religion because of their own will.

    But using Force and TACTICs is NOT the way of converting them into any religion.

    What I believe is that Human beings have the right to adopt what they believe in and that is the first rule of sikhism. Again, NOT by force!

    We just need to educate every youth so they are strong and are not lead in to deception.

    you call it stupidity to educate ourselves and becoming aware these issues!!!
    Then I rather be Stupid and not let those innocent souls to get into trap.

  6. Hai Raba! tobah tobah tobah!

    what FORCE? who held a friggin gun to their heads? were they raped? and believe it or not the so called “sikh” population even at it’s most exagerated status isn’t worth the second largest and the fastest growing religion in the world’s mind. we’re not even on their radar. christians and muslims are fighting over Africa, SE Asia, South America. we are no prize to be had in this battle. get off your high horse that the hindus put you on.

    you smart, educated people need to be concentrating on HINDUS not muslims. if you want something on your agenda…figure out how to stop sikhs from adopting hinduism.

    my question to educated people is why doesn’t a sikh girl marrying a hindu make the headlines (i might’ve gone to 10 weddings in ten years myself and i’m not a social bee) and when a sikh girl marries a muslim on a rarest of rare occasions (thank you ms. chadaa!), there’re headlines…”OMG, the muslims are taking our daughters! they’re brainwashing our daughters, they’re using OMG…they’re using TACTICS!” and why can’t the sikh guys use those tactics? where’s this handbook? is there a special potion? where can i get one? (honey, i’m just trying to prove a point. you know i love!) :)

    if you want to educate start with your own house and look no further. if we had everyone who preaches actually practice what they were preaching and preached to their own kids rather than going to the gurudwaras and shouting and sceaming on the internet and worrying about others’ kids…we would be in a lot better shape. trust me, when a kid goes “off the tracks” there’s no one to blame but the parents. Ms. Clinton, it doesn’t take a village but rather a father or a father figure and a mother or a mother figure to raise a kid. the village takes over in the absence of parental figures literally and figuretively.

    manjit, you just said i agree with gurinder but your post really had no support for gurinder’s argument.

    Kiran (from UK) or anyone else from UK could you please enlighten us (since you actually live in the crime scene where these atrocities which are much like the 1984 atrocities taking place)…can you tell us what kind of lines these muslim boys are using to woo you sikh gals? is it a special cologne developed called “deception by b!n la#en”? :)

    and manjit, teaching Islam in the prisons what’s wrong with that? christians have been preaching christianity in prisons for 100’s of years. where’s the outrage over that?

  7. SikhsRus says:

    Mr. Pic Singh,

    You are right that it starts with parents. I never said there was any thing wrong with teaching Islam or christianity in prisons.


    Please post something else!! May be a video or pictures of how your weekend went or a may be video of morning sadhna or some other positive enlightenment.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I came across your site whilst doing some research and wasnt really impressed from what i read.
    I dont understand the big fuss over Sikhs and Muslims marrying. So what? If both sides are happy with it, no-one is converting and there is mutual respect for both religions i dont see the big deal. If both parents of the people involved are treated with the most respect and are happy with their perspective daughter or son in law it shouldnt be a big deal! Its funny how the religions encourage everyone to be treated fairly, until sikh or muslim is mentioned at which point thats forgotten! The whole reason there is such a big grudge between both faiths is because people have continued to allow it to grow and not addressed it.

  9. kaur says:

    where can i find the artcile about the muslims who seduce sikh girls into islam?