Amrit Singh – Becoming a Sikh

Here is another interview from Sunday, with Amrit Singh Khalsa (Phd). In this video he tells a the story of how and why he became a Sikh. All these interviews were very casual and spur of the moment. I just asked people if I could interview them and sat them before the camera

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7 Responses to “Amrit Singh – Becoming a Sikh”

  1. Hello Singh Jee. Thank you for these great videos, they are very inspirational. I was wondering if it is possible for me to download them, and show them to people in a Sikhism class? That would be great!!!

  2. Gurkirpal says:

    I HOPE MORE TO COME VIDEOS ???????????????


  3. keep it up big man

  4. I posted download links below each of the videos.

  5. Thank you so much Singh Jee!!! I really appreciate that!!! Keep it up!

  6. I’m so happy to see my KYTT buddy Amrit Singh interviewed here – and I have to “out” him folks – his so-casually-mentioned college was MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and his PhD is in aeronautics (or related – anyway, he really is a rocket scientist!!!) But most of all he is a great sevadar, a conscious businessman, and good friend.