A Day in Espanola – Interview with Kirin Kaur

Here is a video interview with Kirin Kaur Khalsa describing a common day for many Sikhs in Espanola, New Mexico. She also shares her experiences of being a mother, wearing a turban and other things of interest.

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11 Responses to “A Day in Espanola – Interview with Kirin Kaur”

  1. rsingh says:

    That was very intresting. I particularly like how she talked about dastar. Keep them comming, there excellent :)


  2. That was just Wow!. I am wordless listening to her.

  3. Kiren says:


    Thank you for sharing that with us, it was beautiful. She answered so many questions about the 3HO lifestyle, kids, the Dastaar, and looking different.. her message was so clear, so special.

    Gimme more!


  4. manpreet says:

    Sat Nam!

    Thank you again for giving this to us.
    Just like your wife, this lady is so cristal clear, so pure….


  5. isingh says:

    i can’t get to project:gurmukhi blog…


    would anyone know the cause of this?

    sorry, Gurumustak but i have a good non-selfish reason to post this here.

    good interview with Kirin Kaur…i’been meaning to thank you for this and especially Arjan’s candidness. words like “you should do this and that…” can only go so far but when you actually hear other people’s especially peers’ experiences it really really helps heal, clarify and simply learn things…

    thanks again!:)

  6. isingh says:

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  7. Sardar Gurumustuk Singh Ji,
    I am doing a Presentation on Sikhism in world religion class coming tuesday. I will appreciate if you can provide the link to download the interview by kiran kaur khalsa.

  8. I will post the video for download later on.

  9. Khalsa Ji,
    Waheguru ji kaa khalsa,
    Waheguru ji kee fateh,

    Can I download this video? I want it to show to my family.

  10. Harjinder Singh "NOOR" says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

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    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

  11. Harjinder Singh "NOOR" says:

    Khalsa Ji,
    II Waheguru ji ka khalsa II
     II Waheguru ji ki fateh II
    Can I download this audio & video.
    I want it to show to my family and friend’s.