Tribute to Mardana

A while back I posted some links to download the Gurbani Album titled: “Tribute to Mardana”. The album is a fusion of East and West Music. One of the musicians sent me the following link which has better quality MP3 downloads.

Here is a summary of the Album:
Tribute To Mardana is a project conceived by Punjabi Hippie, one of Malaysia’s finest djembe players. He did most of the music with help from co-producer RS, and was the main inspiration for many of the fabulous performances by hugely talented and largely unsung Malaysian artists, including TV personality Asha Gill and the amazing Hardev Kaur. There’s also a young bagpiper on one of the tracks and the awesome didgeridoo dude Justin guests on ‘Family Of Strangers’.

Download MP3 files from:

Limited copies of the CD are also available for free distribution. Anyone interested in a copy should contact Punjabi Hippie at [email protected]
RS, Punjabi Hippie & the TTM Ensemble

4 Responses to “Tribute to Mardana”

  1. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk singh
    Are you going to post pics from yesterdays nagar kirtan?


  2. I didn’t take any picture surprisingly! I did however record video. I am working on a video with interviews and other material from our Sangat.

    It is going to take some time for me to edit and put it together though. Some more late nights…

  3. Gurinder says:

    thank you very much!!!!

  4. Prabhu Singh says:

    I took some pictures yesterday which I will hopefully get on my blog at some point.