Arjan Kaur: Why I became a Sikh

Over the next week or so I will be posting some video interviews of Sikh friends from my local community. The questions and topics are based on the feedback that many of you gave to me earlier. Originally I had an idea of creating one whole long video, but I think it would be too long, and I don’t have the time to make a masterpiece documentary. This is what I do in my "free time" at night after work. The first video is of my wife Arjan Kaur and her story about why she became a Sikh.

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11 Responses to “Arjan Kaur: Why I became a Sikh”

  1. manpreet says:

    Sat nam!

    Dear Gurumustuk Ji,

    This is the interview i wanted to hear, but was afraid to ask because i thought it was to private.
    But now that you (and your wife) started i think it is so short.
    Make it half an hour, an hour or more.
    You were so lucky to be born into sikhism, Arjun had to make the step herself. When did she decide: i want to do this, i want to live like a sikh, look like a sikh etc…What pulled the trigger to make the step?
    I recognise what Arjun is saying when she is talking about the attraction, to find answers, to know by your emotions that this is it for someone.
    But one day one looks in the mirror and he/she decides: OK no more hiding, i will take amrit and …
    What about the consequences; family, friends, job…
    So much questions…

    We (i) want more!!!

  2. Gurkirpal says:

    Gurmustuk bir eh

    may i like the backgrond music.. is that satnam kaur????

    pls… answer ASAP


  3. Gurinder says:

    Gurumustuk singh ji

    What ever you have presented on this site it is always inspiring! I have learnt alot from you and others.

  4. Manpreet: yes this is a brief version…but covers to main points. I don’t think it is an overnight or quick thing for anyone who became a Sikh. Most of the people I know gradually came into the Sikh Lifestyle. Going “deeper” and deeper over time.

    I met her in Florida at the winter solstice camp and she had just recently become a Sikh. It wasn’t untill quite a few years later till she took Amrit.

    Her friends and family are very supportive. There were some bumps with her extended family (before they knew me) but after they met me…their assumptions and worries faded.

  5. Gurkirpal: the music is by the Acapella Jatha. There are some clips in my blog that you can download. (you can do a search).

  6. Manj says:

    Wgjkk wgjkf

    This is fantastic idea ……. thank you.

    I always enjoy hearing about how people came into sikhi.

    Infact I spent some time searching the net for peoples stories. Chek out the following:

    Click on the stories link, it’s wicked.

  7. Gurkirpal says:

    THANKS VERY MUCH … Gurumustuk SIngh KHALSA… thanks BIR JI

  8. Hari Singh says:

    Hi Gurumustuk Singh, WKWF

    It was wonderful to hear how Arjan Kaur was drawn to the path set out by our Gurus.

    It may be that as “western Sikhs” you do not appreciate how much as “newcomers” to this life style, you have contributed to my understanding of the finer points of Sikhism.

    Most Punjabi Sikhs have never had to make a conscious analysis of Sikhism and by listening to Arjan and various other “new” Sikhs we have all learnt new things.

    Many thanks again – Great effort!

  9. this is wonderful…even though i was born into sikhi i never understood the real meaning till i went deeper into it myself, asking questions and finding answers. this is a great video…always inspired by your creativity :)

  10. xSHANTIx says:

    hello…… this is amazin..ive had no internet for like a month and i have been thinking so much about why Arjan became Sikh, dont ask why but i was sooooooooooo tempted to email you and ask..well anyway i got my net back and checked ur site and here the answer was WAHEGURU…Arjan is such a radiant princess…may there be many more like her!

  11. Harpal Singh says:

    I could hear only the background music.

    Harpal Singh