Wedding of Dharampal Singh and Ardas Kaur

Many of my friends have gotten married recently. It’s great! This past Sunday Dharampal Singh and Ardas Kaur got married.

7 Responses to “Wedding of Dharampal Singh and Ardas Kaur”

  1. Gurkirpal says:

    bir ji

    how does wedding occur in US…
    is it fix marriage…
    or courting marriage ???


  2. Sikhi Seeker says:

    hey, is it the same Dharampal Singh, who works for either security or ambulance services?? Well, there was someone by that name, that you once posted an image…but the two guys don’t look that much alike..or I’m confused! But I’d love to know :)

    p.s.//Lovely couple though!

  3. Yes…this is the same Dharampal Singh who does the emergency work on the ambulance.

  4. isingh says:

    and that shattering sound you just heard is a sound of broken hearts of many sikh women around the world…:)

    is someone consoling Kiran(uk)?

  5. Sikhi Seeker says:

    haha…isingh…I’m sure somewhere you are right…Dharmapal Singh has such a wonderful personality! No wonder I could remember him fromever..hehe. Only if Gurumustak ji had mentioned that he was single then :P
    But Ardaas Kaur and him look soooo perfect together!

  6. kiran says:


    just thought I’d take this moment to wish the happy couple well for the future….

    on another note….

    what can I say Isingh? Ardas Kaur has good taste….they make nice couple…bless

    lots of pyar


    ps…was cold and rainy in London today:)

  7. Anonymous says:

    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru ji Fateh…..

    perfect Couple with Guru’s Grace
    with lots of best wishes…..
    God Bless
    APS Randhawa