Gurumustuk Toddler Videos

Years ago my grandmother gave me some old films (back from before the video days) of when I was a wee lad (1-3 years old). A couple years ago I converted them to VHS tape, and lately I have been wanting to convert this to a digital format to better preserve it. I had to do the needful (as they might say in India) and made a DVD of the film to keep. So, since it is done I am sharing it with you. The original films of course didn’t have audio so I added some music by Snatam Kaur.

When I was editing the video Narayan kept pointing to the video saying “That’s me!”…and I would say… “No…that’s ME when I was little”. It’s funny…because many of my kid pictures he thinks are him. I guess he is my son…right? I think Narayan mostly looks like Narayan…but he definitely has some Gurumustuk features.

One thing I noticed with the film was that even back then I had a lot of energy and moved pretty fast. My Aries nature makes me a speedster…always zipping around.

In the film you’ll see me, my mother and father, grandmother and other friends of mine from way back then. It’s not an action packed film…but it is a cool glimpse back at when I was little.

4 Responses to “Gurumustuk Toddler Videos”

  1. Sikhi Seeker says:

    When I first began watching the movie, i had just read the first paragraph of your post….it’s amazing that at the end of the movie, when i read through the rest of it, you have precisely answered everything that was on ma mind…:)
    Still something I must mention:
    – You were awefullyyyy quick! lol
    – Narayan, as we can read him through innumerable pics of his…you guys appear to have the same sense of adventure and sense of inquiry…
    – The parts with you and your father (I just assumed) were my favourite!
    ~ beautiful memories!!!

  2. Gur Fateh Ji,

    Dear gurmustuk Ji, ur blog is the only i ever visited and hence frm then its my habit to see ur blog when updated it seems that im also from ur nears and dears, so today i like very much, ur childhood video, nice.

    U can say im ur fan, ur jus 4 yrs elder than me.and im also from your field of profession.

    I tought at once that it is Narayan in the video.

    Remain always in chardeekala


    Jagjot Singh
    [email protected]

  3. Sir,
    Can we get download link for song behind your movie “love of my life”
    Mohinder Singh

  4. That song is copyrighted by Snatam kaur… and so cannot provide a download link. sorry.