Miri Piri Academy, Amritsar India

Here is a video about Miri Piri Academy which is in Amritsar, India (Cherta Sahib). This is where the Chardi Kala Jatha lives and teaches. They have been teaching at the school for quite a few years. There are about 130 students at the school. My brother Dharam graduated from MPA a few years ago. The MPA website is currently being developed…but will be up soon.

You can check out Amrit Singh’s blog which has lot’s of MPA pictures.

The below video is introduced by Jagat Guru Singh:

“I want these children to be stronger than steel. They should walk taller than the stars, be brighter than the sun, and be as peaceful, bright and beautiful as the moon.”

“These children are the fruit of prayer and sacrifice. The steel of Guru Gobind Singh runs through their veins and the grace of Guru Ram Das flows from their hearts.”

“To be a parent in the essential sense is to make your child strong to face tommorow. This is what your child wants from you, nothing less…. nothing more.” – Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

2 Responses to “Miri Piri Academy, Amritsar India”

  1. Gurkirpal says:

    hello bir ji…

    will narayan go to Miri piri academy.. how was your exprience there … is there any sikh camp in singapore or in the philippines.. Thank you for inspiring us everyday every hour every minute AND EVERY SECOND>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Very inspirational.

    Miri Piri Academy looks fantastic. I wish I had gone there.

    Please keep up good posts :)

    Veer, Manvir Singh Khalsa (UK)