New York Gurdwara Pictures

Raminder Kaur from New York recently went to the Gurdwara in Manhattan, NY and visited with the Sangat and my father Siri Vishnu Singh. Here is a slideshow of pictures that she took at the Gurdwara.

7 Responses to “New York Gurdwara Pictures”

  1. Gurinder says:

    slide show is not working!

  2. I dunno… it works for me in Internet Explorer. Is it working for anyone else?

  3. kiran says:


    just wanted to say that the slide show is working fine and that the guy in the first pic (with the parents) is well fit!!!!!

    lots of pyar Kiran

    Ps is was raining in London today

  4. Kiran…your so funny with the London weather comments.

    Ps. It was a bright sunny day in Espanola.

  5. Gurinder says:

    something is wrong with my firewall

  6. isingh says:

    gurinder, too funny!

    btw…i don’t know how people live in cities where it’s always rainy/cloudy. we haven’t seen mr. sun in a week almost here in our nation’s capital and it’s been raining for a week almost non stop in the north east. and we’re about to kill ourselves. it’s not natural to go without sun for this long! i’m so blue it’s not even funny. how do people in london deal with this kinda weather kiran?

    ps…rainy rainy rainy and more rain expected until sunday in wushington, dc.

  7. kiran says:


    Dear ISingh,

    we people in London tend to deal with the weather situation by just wrapping up warm when we’re going out. Other then that we look at the rain as a positive thing and try not to kill ourselves if there isn’t much sun. There isn’t much point in moaning about something that is totally out of our control.

    lots of pyar Kiran

    PS… it was a dismal day in London, not much rain just clouds:)