Snowfall in Crested Butte and Lazy Afternoon

Well, the weather report yesterday was correct. We were lucky to get a beautiful sunny day yesterday. Today is all snow and rain. We managed to get a good hike this morning in between the snow and rain. Then hanging out in the a cafe drinking de-caff coffees and hot chocolate. Aaahh… relaxing. Then snuggling up in bed and watching DVDs with pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. fun fun.

Well…tommorow morning we drive back early in the morning to head home to our little town of Espanola, New Mexico. Hopefully there isn’t much snow, because it’s no fun to drive in.

2 Responses to “Snowfall in Crested Butte and Lazy Afternoon”

  1. SikhsRus says:

    That just looks like lot of fun and beautiful place to visit. May be one day! What is the name of the town in colorado where Kelly lives?

    Also, Gurumustuk, with the Earthquake in parts of Pakistan and India, do you know if everyone is OK at MPA? I went to the tribune website, but did not find anything about damage in Punjab side of India, only J&K. Please inform if your sources have anything.

  2. Sikhsrus: I am a mother of two MPA students, and am very glad and grateful to report that all is fine there. I talked to both my children, who said they felt the tremors, definitely, but no damage, and no injuries. We also got an email to the parents’ list saying all is well.

    Thanks for asking!