Letters from my mother traveling in Peru and Ecuador

A few of our local sangat from Espanola (and my mother Sat Kirin Kaur) have been touring around South America, teaching and sharing the Gurus light with others in those countries. I will be posting some letters and pictures that they send me over the next week or so.

Greetings and blessings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

We are traveling with Guru Bachan Singh and Kaur, their son Sat Gurmukh Singh and his friend Simran Singh, then Sat Bachan their daughter and her 2 year old son, Amar Singh, Hari Dharam Kaur, Guru Kirin Kaur from Espanola (Mexican) and me.

Thank you for your kind messages. I was happy to know you received my letter.

In Ecuador my class "science and power of Mantra" was great…..over 35 people came. VERY WARM AND HEART CENTERED PEOPLE. Very hungry for upliftment etc. I stayed with Shabd Singh’s family. They all love our music and go to classes.

Today we are in Peru. Along the ocean it is perpetually foggy and chilly, All these countries are situated in the Andes Mountain ranges so the elevation is quite high. We are at 10,000 feet but the weather is not cold because we are so close to the Equator.

Today we went to a women’s shelter….Taught a class, did meditations on Guru Ram Das and kirtan. Many of our ladies spoke of some story of inspiration….if they were fluent in Spanish. I sang; my Spanish is "just now coming". But all the ladies in the shelter do Kundalini YOGA and wear white for class.

There is so much poverty here. IT CAN LOOK EXACTLY LIKE India. PEOPLE tend to be very rich or very poor. Most of the people that do kundalini yoga are the former type.

My new cd is very well received. Funny to get on the plane and find out our total baggage allowance is 60 POUNDS. All of us have 2-3 suitcases. my harmonium and tamboura are doing quite well with the great luggage carrier we purchased in Santa Fe.

More to news to come..

Lots of love,
Sat Kirin Kaur (Mataji)

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