In Bolivia on Guru Ram Das ji’s Birthday

Another letter from my mother Sat Kirin Kaur during her travels in South America.

We are in Bolivia for a day and half more. I love it here. We are 15,000 feet elevation and I felt so "drunk" when I stepped off the plane due to the elevation. I started crying when I saw Shant Kaur in her beautiful turban as she greeted us at the airport. We are in such far away and remote areas of the world that to see the radiance of the Guru in our surroundings is quite touching.

Shant Kaur (picture right) is a 32 year Sikh woman, a Bolivian native born in La Paz. She teaches Kundalini yoga here along with working for the NGO (non-govermental organization) conservation international. The NGO is concerned with sustainable development of the environment and reducing global warming.

You will be interested to know, when I asked Shant Kaur how she learned to tie such a perfect and beautiful turban; she said that she learned from the blog and the 7 minute instructional of Hari Bhajan Kaur tying her turban. Wahe Guru! She has a radiance that would light up anybody’s heart. The blond woman she is with fell in love with the shabd, "Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Jin Siree’a Tinai Savaaree-a". Her name is Deva Kaur. Deva made a painting where she wrote the entire shabd in perfect Gurmukhi. Today being Guru Ram Das ji’s birthday I taught the shabd to a class of 30 Bolivians.

It is breathtakingly beautiful…..high, high mountains, the refreshing Air, and the feeling of exhillarance. I would like to come back here for a real visit. Our time here is short and we mostly teach and meet.

There are so many nationalities. I am staying with Deva and her husband Bernardo. They are from German descent but, born in Bolivia…educated in America and Germany….so they speak 4 different languages with us… English to me, Spanish to Gurukirin and German with each other. Gorgeous home.

The native people are true Indians…the women wear the little black bowler hats and full layered skirts in many colors….there is much discontent.

(Pictured below is our Espanola group with Partap Singh and family from Peru. You might have heard about their requests for help)

Also this is a spectacularly beautiful place. Jungles and lakes……and nice hotels and beautiful people and a perfect place to visit because tourism has not spoiled the country. Bill from the ngo, conservation international, said that this place is like Costa Rica was 40 years ago.

We already met 3 different people working in ngo’s here. Sustainable environmental issues are researched here as this place is relatively untouched by pollution and social pollution. James, half English and half French married to a Peruvian woman and they live here in Bolivia….he works for the ngo. Help age international. They are concerned with the indigenous peoples here and the imbalance in the society.

My class this morning on Guru Ram Das birthday, was beautiful….people so interested in learning about singing mantra and shabds. It is so nice to introduce Guru Ram Das from the perspective of his Shabds and history.

Lots of love from Bolivia,
SatKirin Kaur and friends

One Response to “In Bolivia on Guru Ram Das ji’s Birthday”

  1. Hari Singh says:

    Wow, Gurumustuk,

    What a wonderful report from your mom from Bolivia. It’s a great job she is doing with her other friends from Espanola. True to Yogiji saying that he wanted to create teachers not students!

    Also, isn’t it so touching when you fly 1000’s of miles to find Guru’s sparks in these wild places. It is miraculous! May they find the elevation that they seek from the Guru’s path.

    Wish them all Gurus’ blessing and assistance. Das, Hari Singh, UK