Camp Fire in the Aspen Forest

On the other side of the mountains there were still tons of aspen trees that still had golden yellow leaves. It was great! After a long nap from the morning hike we drove to a camp site where we watched the sun set and had a camp fire. Today was a really fun day. I wanted to camp out but it is supposed to snow tonight so decided not to. I guess next spring/summer we’ll do it. I love the outdoors. So much time on the computer and it is so refreshing to be in the beauty of mother nature. Everyone in town seems to be so smily and bright. I’m sure the environments have a positive effect on people. Living in a city full of pollution, noise and stress doesn’t help your mental well being. It’s good to get out every once and a while.

Let’s see what adventures come tommorow. Till then… god night :)

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