Wedding of Viriam Singh and Mahan Kirin Kaur

Yesterday was a beautiful wedding of my friend Mahan Kirin Kaur to Viriam Singh. Like usual I was on the job and busy taking pictures of the wedding. Here are some pictures from the Gurdwara and afterwards. I normally just want to post a couple pictures…but it is so hard to narrow down to a few from 600+ images. Oh well.

Viriam Singh and Mahan Kirin Kaur about to get married

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  1. SikhsRus says:

    I just love pictures of the sangat in a Gurudwara, they are just so serene! Thank you for posting them. The couple looks amazingly beautiful and very happy.

    Like the pictures of aspen trees and hiking as well. The mountains and the terrain is a real beauty, especially the fall foliage.

    Also, Gurumustak Ji, do you have any more pictures or videos of girls or women doing Gatka. Please share if any. I loved the one you had posted a few months ago that looked like a kung foo warrior in the movies.

  2. M Kaur says:

    Veer Ji,

    Can you help me. I was look at the MiriPiri Academy Blog and there is a picture of children at a place called “Bubbles”. Do you know where this is???

    I would really apprieciate your assistance.

    Thanks so much

  3. isingh says:

    m kaur, you got my attention! i’m all ears! Gurumustak? anyone know where exactly this place is? (i’m assuming it’s somewhere near amritsar) should we contact MPA via phone/email instead?

    if anyone has already done that please let me know via e-mail or on this post. thanks! sorry Gurumustak!

  4. Sounds familiar…but I don’t know. I asked one of my friends who used to go to MPA. Let’s see what he says.

    What’s up with Bubbles?

  5. isingh says:

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  6. mkaur73 says:

    Veer Ji,

    The only reason I am asking is because we are going to Punjab next week and will be in Amritsar. This seems like a cool place to take my 7 year old daughter who loves swimming – that’s all???

    I though if anybody knew where it was we could visit it, apologies for the inconvience this may cause.


  7. Ok… Guru Jot Singh forwarded this message to me:

    “I know Bubbles is on Airport Rd. (In Amritsar) once you’re there, you could easily get directions from a rickshaw or taxi”

  8. isingh says:

    mkaur ji, i guess you don’t believe in profiles huh:)…so please let me know how it is and ask (for me) if they provide other extended stay accomodations. thank you in advance!(my email is under my profile under the “email” thingie…if you click on my name)

  9. Hari Singh says:

    Absolutely wonderful photos of the new couple and the Sangat. Always a delight to see the pictures of your Gurdwara.

    Wish the couple a most blissful and rewarding life as a team.

    And looking forward to the wedding of Snatam Kaur and that lucky Guy, Sopurkh Singh. Delightful kirtan!

    And that Pink Turban – Wow, no one can touch that style. Fab, fab pagree!

  10. manni says:

    Bubbles is on Amritsar BYPASS road that goes to lahore. ITs a luxury resort i guess and it allows memebers and guest to swim , I have heard its kindda expensive if u are not a memebrer .
    For more details reach amritsar and ask anyone ,.they will tell u the way

  11. inderjeet singh says:

    Satnam Ji
    By looking this picture it really makes that word true that marriage is meeting of Two Souls. When u look in to indian marrigaes in india and here You can easily judge that Here its really meeting of two Soul In presence of Akal Pukrakh sawroop.

    Congrats to them and happy marriage list

  12. Sweet. Congrats to the happy couple.