Birthday Party – Girls Punjabi Dance

Every year we have a big birthday celebration for Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan). Many guests, friends, family, etc come to this party to celebrate with each other. Every year there are different types of entertainment, however one of the constants is having a show of Punjabi Dance.

Here is a video clip of some of the local Espanola Sikh women doing a few different dances in Aug 2002.

Ravi Kaur of the Bhangra Troupe “Izzat De Punjab” does some great choreography. She is the one that organizes and gets everyone together to have fun and practice these dances.

Download Video (8.5MB)

8 Responses to “Birthday Party – Girls Punjabi Dance”

  1. isingh says:

    have i ever mentioned that she’s awesome!:) not that i’m a big time movie producer or anything…but everytime i watch her videos it just pumps me up. and i’ve never heard such a good selection over and over and over again…

    honestly, we have “bhangra blowout” in dc every year with teams coming from all over us and canada (it’s really fun to watch) and i’ve never heard (forget about choreography!) a selection as good as her songs.

    i wonder if she’s ever done a hip hop choreography…:)

    (c’mon prabu, even you have to admit that something that makes someone feel this good can’t be bad ;)…of course i’m teasing! :))

  2. Sher says:

    Sat sri akal
    How about letting us download this video man. I have to show to students on big tv.
    js sidhu

  3. Sher says:

    Sat sri akal
    How about letting us download this video man. I have to show to students on big tv.
    js sidhu

  4. manpreet says:

    Sat Nam!

    Again this is fantastic!
    Do they ever tour with this kind of programme?
    Tour in Europe as well?
    Please let us (me) know, like isingh it gives me a boost.


    PS did you notice? I am blogging!

  5. Jankee says:

    Hi Gurumustuk,

    its Yankee from the Sikh Student Camp.

    listen man, those ladies have got some very impressive moves.But personally the way the singh was introduced and kicked it with the classic light bulb manovere was my favorite, plus the old skool gidha.

    Thank God there are other Sikhs that Dance to Bhangra and proud of it.

    It would be nice to have some of them come down next year to the camp…for errmmm u know, for a bit of Bhangra Yoga :) before we start the day of.

    Plus this would be a great way to see whos good the better moves.
    UK massive or the Espanola Crew.

    Think about it….

    Look after yourself

  6. Prabhu Singh says:

    How did I get dragged into this conversation? :-)
    I like Bhangra, I think isingh is getting me confused with others who don’t approve of dancing.
    As far as hip-hop goes, you don’t even want to see my moves, it will put others to shame!

  7. Samreet Singh says:

    You have a great blog and a very beautiful family

    PS: are there anymore videos of the same?

    Peace from Malaysia