Pre-Peace Prayer Day Jam Session June 2002

Every year the Summer Solstice camp here in Espanola, New Mexico starts out with the “Peace Prayer Day” event, where people of all religions come to celebrate and pray for peace.

Over the years we have had quite a variety of musicians perform. In 2002 the famous singer/musician “Seal” performed for us at Peace Prayer Day. It was an awesome concert. The day before he came to the Summer Solstice camp to setup and test things out. Here is a small video clip of Seal with Guru Singh (Vocals/Guitar), Guru Ganesha (electric guitar) and others jamming out to a small crowd of onlookers like myself. You don’t hear many main stream singers chanting “Wahe Guru”, let alone doing so with other Sikhs. So…this was pretty cool.

You can also purchase the audio CD (Game of Chants) that was done with Guru Singh and Seal. It has a similar studio version of this track.

Wahe Guru Jam Session

Download Video (28 MB)

Download Audio MP3 (6MB)

Various Songs by Seal

Download Video (39 MB)

20 Responses to “Pre-Peace Prayer Day Jam Session June 2002”

  1. isingh says:

    OMG!!! you guys(white sikhs:)) are officially COOL in my eyes (now, that i’ve seen you play with seal)! :)))!

    all you haters, i’m just kidding! :)

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  3. isingh says:

    Harpreet, I’m surrounded by those sardars as well but I don’t think to pick on a particular group(even though you belong to it) is fair. (Actually it reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where a comedian converts to Judaism just so he can make fun of Jewish people…) :)

    i have gone to school with the other groups (of sikhs) as well and they have their own flaws and they too have holier than though attitudes.

    jats remind me of arabs. so i guess it’s only natural(even though it’s flawed when taken so far) to be proud (of being from the same land as your religion’s Gurus/Prophets).


    Harpreet Singh…I don’t think it is very nice to stereotype people. Actually, i really don’t understand the point of your post…all i see is you dissing Sardars, and something called a ‘jatt’? Whatever that is…I’ve heard of Khalsa though.

  5. isingh says:

    KW, Jatt is/are either a farmer or a descendant of farmers…much like the Smiths.

    And I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them…where do you think food comes from? It’s one of the most if not the most noble professions! and people who farm (everywhere in the world) should be proud of what they do.

    It’s one thing to say and believe that all sikhs(humans) are equal and another to diss your heritage because of your own personal insecurities. I believe it’s very important to know your family history and background and be proud of the fact where you came from.

    I hope that future generations begin to see that and retain their family names. I think it’s the coolest thing in the world that I can trace my family all the way to a small town in Pakistan with just a name and know who i’m related to (and not marry them :)))

  6. SikhsRus says:

    May be I am missing something, but the comments from Harpreet Singh “Gill” did not make any sense to me. I wonder how much he understands what being a true gursikh means?

  7. they were sarcastic comments (i think!)

    i believe the opposite to what you said “isingh” ji.

    punjabi last names are the only cause of caste system still existing today. if everyone was using “Singh” and “Kaur” like the 5 beloved one’s say when we take amrit caste would be abolished in Sikhism – but it is not at all.

    To prevent yourself marrying someone who is from your bloodline, all you need to do is ask about their village in india. This is usually more than adequate.

    If you are REALLY worried about it, take a blood test with your spouse to be.


  8. isingh says:

    CK, the cause of caste system isn’t the punjabi last names but rather “punjabis” or the people from indian subcontinent themselves. it is sooooooooo old maybe as old as the civilization itself(on that land)…and is such a big part of life in india (quota system in schools, jobs based on caste system) that it is and will be impossible to beat it out of them (ask the christians they tried for hundreds of years without any luck).

    you can’t eliminate or even come close to eliminating caste system by refusing your family history. you can only eliminate caste system if you chose to ignore other people’s last names, races, sex(not your own) and treat them as equal.

    does that make any sense?

    just to clarify i’m not against “Khalsa/Singh/Kaur” as last names but i’m pro having and keeping family names.

    funny about blood test but if i’m dating someone i doubt i’m going to ask her hey before we move forward, do you mind taking a blood test? :)))))

  9. Prabhu Singh says:

    Harpreet’s comments are funny, not becuase he’s making fun of jatts, but because we’ve all met people (jatt or not) like that. It’s a little harsh to put all these behaviors on a certain group of people.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m on the other side about pride in heritage. I don’t think it is that important. Pride without ego, for me, would be to let go of all pride that is not pride in the Guru and the Khalsa tradition.
    I enjoy my culture, but I don’t think it is the best I just think it is different. I don’t even know the first thing about the culture of my ancestors. I only know my lowriding, cowboy American culture.
    I don’t mind people being proud of their culture, though pride in race is probably the dumbest thing I could think of. I really can’t think of anything more stupid than pride in race. Race means nothing, it’s completely asthetic, it has nothing to do with people’s actions.
    It’s politically incorrect to be proud of the white race, I’m just waiting until it is incorrect to be proud of any race. We should be proud that we are humans that can get along.

  10. nj_singh says:

    We can argue on this discussion and there will be no end to it. I want to say one thing though is People like hsgill ( who think they are smart ….) don’t die for the panth when the time comes because they are smart – only the poor people of Punjab have stood up against atrocities for hundred of years and we all are making fun of them.
    Gurumustuk Singh ji next time please edit comments like these we are here to promote brotherhood not start another war of words which will lead to nothing but more differences amongst us.

    For any comments on this please e-mail me directly and argue all you can.
    Bhul Chuk Maaf,

    [email protected]

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    It seems Harpreet’s comments were a little bit insensitive. It would have been funnier if he just said that he was offsetting the coolness of Sikhs who try with the Sikhs who don’t try. Maybe he could replace Jatt misal with the misal of negative stereotypes. His post is humorous because there are people like that, but it insensitive because he’s limiting it to a certain caste, or race, whatever jatt is.
    Though it is not fair to judge whether or not Harpreet will die for the Khalsa panth. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and I’ve made offensive jokes as well, but my life belongs to the Guru despite.
    If you’re offended by Harpreet’s comments please let him know civilly. There’s no need to attack each other’s personal character. How about those who feel offended by Harpreet’s comments list what they are offended by and respectfully ask that their Sikh siblings refrain from offending this way in the future.

  12. isingh says:

    only ETs can join the human race. and then we would descriminate against people from this nebula and that nebula :)

    gosh! i wish i live long enough to see an ET. wait, aren’t you guys (espaneola residents) like right next to Roswell (home of et landings)? is it true? are they really among us already?


  13. nj_singh says:

    PSingh – this is not about being offended by a comment – there are hundreds of jokes about Jatt Sikhs. Our biggest drawback is our very own Sikhs. I have been raised in a environment where you feel sorry for the poor person rather than laugh at him.
    The meaningless comments under the anonymity of the web by a fellow sikh do bother me. If this was a post on the Internet other than Sikhnet or a Sikh site I probably would overlook it.

  14. isingh says:

    nj singh veer, i can’t speak for harpreet but knowing what i know of him i think he was trying to be funny and drawing on his own personal background in a way making fun of himself or his old self.

    had he not mention the word jatt and generalized a bit more it would’ve been fine with me. but i, like you do get sick of people picking on “jats”. and i do feel sorry for them because they only do it to hide their own insecurities. BUT i assure you this wasn’t the case with harpreet.

    not to psychoanalyze him but he’s just frustrated and can’t figure out why…if he can of all people (being humble in a way)…why can’t others see the light as well.
    that we’re all one Khalsa! and it’s more important to be a Khalsa than a jat.

    fyi for those of you don’t know jat literally means a farmer so it’s an occupation.

  15. Sorry it was ill thought humour, and I just typed as the words came to my mind, as I am now.

    The term Jatt was used because before the reign of Maharaj Ranjit Singh, there were 12 Khalsa Misl. Called Khalsa Misl. Some of them, like the Misl headed by Baba Deep Singh Ji were Supreme, absolute Sikhi/Khalsa. Others were mainly an army of battle hardened Sardar, who liked to Drink, Eat Meat, Take Bhang, and above all go to war with each other, SIKH AGAINST SIKH, SARDAR AGAINST SARDAR, oh yeah and usually dominated by a particular caste. Just read about the Phulkian Misl: is the only misl that was kicked out of the Dal Khalsa due to its anti Sikh policies in the time of Baba Deep Singh and Nawab Kapur Singh. This misl was founded by Baba Ala Singh

    Further I like to say sorry again, in future will think before I post.

  16. Gurinder says:

    I don’t know who is White or Black,
    I don’t know who is Jatt or Butt,
    I don’t know the color of the Rainbow!

    BUT I have one PROBLEM my mind RAMBLES AND RAMBlES every second of the day! I’m in Constant PAIN.
    I would like this Ramble to STOP because its taking me no where and I always end up at dead end.

    PLEASE PEOPLE Show Mercy on me! Tell me HOW to Stop this Rambling of my mind!!!

  17. Version 1.2 – cleaned up and politically correct – hopefully

    Misal of Negative Stereotypes

    To offset the ever growing coolness and inspiring lifestyles of the White Sikhs. I propose the creation of the First Sikh Misl in Century’s

    I Sardar Harpreet Singh Gill of Wolverhampton am a Great Visonary and foresee the creation of the first Sardar Misl in century’s

    I Sardar Harpreet Singh Gill, will be the Jathedhar of the Misl of Negative Stereotypes

    The Mission:

    1.)To convince people that we know what we are talking about
    2.)To see the world based on only our limited mental models
    3.) To generally go around all stuck-up, with better than thou attitude, critising and judging every human being we come across
    4.) Desperately Pretend to hold strong associations and adherence with Sikhism
    5.) Give out long winded interpretations of Sikh history, Sikh believes, Sikh tradition and then behaving in the exact opposite.

    If you think that your a Sardar worthy to be part of the Misl then read on.

    I am currently looking:

    1)Two Captains
    2)A dozen Leutenants
    3)And a couple of hundred, good solid regular sardars

    If you think you are up to the job send your CV to me listing
    1.) Height – over 6 feet tall, the aid of lifts and others items allowed
    2.) Weight – obesity an advantage
    3.) Your Maximum Bench Press, Squat, Push Press – The more you can lift the more man you are

    Also on your application being successful, you will have to go through a personality test. These are the qualities I must ensure every member of my misl posses

    Misal of Negative Stereotypes PERSONALITY TRAITS

    There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes which a Sardar in my misl must have, which can be summoned up as the ability to oppose any betterment activity or group.

    It is important then to examine and list the attributes of the type of Sardar I want in my Misl.


    1. The Sardar must always speak in very broad generalities. “They say…” “Everybody thinks..” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions must be continually be used particularly when imparting a rumor.

    2. The Sardar must deal mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” are the core attributes

    3. The Sardar should be able to habitually select the wrong target when addressing any issue

    4. The Sardars actions should have little or nothing to do with their own volition. The Sardar must convince himself that things “just happen.”

    5. The Sardar must have no sense of correct causation and particularly be unable to feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.

    I look forward to hearing from you & Goodluck

  18. isingh says:

    what’s a CV?

  19. curriculum vitae same as resume

  20. freesikh says:

    HS…awesome link….wow bang in the head…that was some piece of PROUD history…and unfortunately i never knew it…and even more sadly my gen does not even know that it is there on the net…wowwwwwwwww.

    Good seein that link i am full of thoughts…some benign and some with heavy heart..very somber..

    Firstly i mean we are blessed with such full history(and that too in recent past)..we are most blessed ones !!it was such satisfaction to read what happened in that 1700 1800s…i was always curious about that..our history books dont mention that…such shame…

    Secondly it was such exhilaration to learn all about our forefathers…. my ancestors,my erstwhile motherland(united punjab of course)!!

    Thirdly..i always used to wonder when were the seeds of casteism sown..cos AFAI remember khalsa doesnt recognise group/caste…No wonder the division so set forth during the misls are so brusque today….pickup a matrimonail ad and you know what i mean..i think we should broach this issue asap.

    Fourthly being jat/ramgarhia/others doesnt make you different …what is so avantgrade is that we are sikhs..sooner we realise this the better is for us/noshame in keeping hair…we are soo goodlooking than why??….

    Fifthly it is no surprise that from my personal exp i have seen people from older generation revere the sikhs so much..but it is equally loathed and despise by the younger gen …..Chiefly i’ve known people (cut-sikh) who donot want to be known as sikh/or do anything with it.I guess it is the culmination of everything i remarked above..

    Finally i apologise to GMS for making this mind-speak but couldnt help with the rush of blood…excuse me GMS…(@ others ..i didnt read HS previous was deleted before i could see it) ..thankx HS