The Balance Beam

Well… I have to say, it’s been hard lately to keep up with the pace I set on the blog in the past months. I haven’t had much time/energy to write or do as many different creative things. So much has been going on at work and home, so I just have the late nights to do blogging.

This weekend I think I want to curl up on the couch and watch movies, eat my yummy pop-corn, ice-cream and other goodies. Basically just relax. Today felt like it was friday (Wishfull thinking). After langar I was so wiped out I just made myself take a nap on the grass outside my office. I was fortunate enough to be right next to Dharampal Singh who set up his massage table. He saw me lying there and told me to hop on the table. So…I was lucky enough to get a little relaxing massage too. This got me through the rest of the day. What am I doing on the computer right now?? I should be asleep. I might have to check with my blog supervisor (God) to see if I can get some days off. I don’t know if I could do it. Hahaha. It’s pretty addicting. I have to go to another country or get totally away from the computer. It’s too easy when it just sits there…taunting me….calling… "Gurumustuk…. come to me…you are under my command!" every time I walk by my home/office room.

One thing I realize is that we all have pressures in our life and we have to find a balance. Otherwise we push and push ourselves and we get sick or we miss out on something in life (family, hapiness, fun,etc). For me, life is a constant game on the balance beam. It really does take discipline to lead a balanced and spiritual life. It’s not easy doing banis every day, meditating or just about anything that takes an effort. Afterall…if it were so easy…we would all be great saints, wise or rich.

What we sometimes fail to realize is that we all have the capacity to be great and do amazing things. We all possess an inner strength that can enable us to do anything. It is our small minded thinking which limits us. So, think about your life and what you feel you cannot do…or can’t have. Open your mind up to the possibilities. Imagine that you CAN do/have those things. Take a minute and feel the success. One tool which can make a huge difference is writing down positive affirmations on a piece of paper and putting them in prominant places where you will see them often. These will be specific to you but some ideas are: "I am happy", "I enjoy doing my banis every day", "I have a job that makes me excited", "I look beautiful", etc. These positive affirmations set a projection in yourself.

The power of your "projection" is amazing. If you said to yourself every day "I am sick" over and over you would probably get sick. What we don’t realize is that our thoughts have such a power over us. Especially the unconscious ones. This just digs your hole deeper and deeper when they are negative thoughts. So…try the test of creating some positive affirmations and read them every day. See if it makes a difference for you. I know it has with me. Also read this previous blog post which relates a lot to this.

Awake your Giant Within!

3 Responses to “The Balance Beam”

  1. Jaspal says:


    You are allowed to have time off.

    This should be your hobby, not full time job.

    I know alot of people vist this site for updates, etc.

    But come on guys, we should give Big G here a break.

    Maybe I am wrong?

    I am not expecting you to be here 247. One a week at that.

    Just a few thoughts.

  2. “Gurumustuk…. come to me…you are under my command!

    Hahahahahahs= to many lols

    keep up godly work

  3. Jaspal I know. It is definitely not a full time job…but I already lead a very busy life before I started blogging…so it was just one other thing that I squeezed in there.

    I actually will take a break when I need it. I was just expressing thoughts as they were flying in my mind. :) thank you for the encouragement though.