Special Lunch for Dr. Balkar Singh and Karmjit Kaur

Yesterday we had a fun birthday/going away lunch for Dr. Balkar Singh and his wife Karmjit Kaur. Dr. Balkar has been living with us for many years and has been having classes for quite a long time teaching Punjabi and Sikh studies (In our little Espanola “Punjabi University” (affiliated with Punjab University Patiala). It’s even a paid SikhNet benefit to take these classes during the week. I always have to squeeze the time in to take the classes.

I need some more people to practice my Punjabi with on a regular basis. It’s hard to do this with others that speak English well. I get embarrassed sometimes. It’s fun when the other person doesn’t speak much English because you can just say whatever and it works. I speak a mixture of Punjabi and Hindi (probably more Hindi).

Anyways… back to the topic… In the winter Dr. Balkar and his wife go back to their home town (Patiala) Punjab. Shanti Kaur organized this lunch for us all to share our gratitude to him and his wife for their service to our community and the clases that they taught.

In this picture is Dr. Balkar Singh and Shanti Kaur, who is rolling rotis. She cooked a delicious Punjabi meal for us all. Yum Yum. Most people here don’t cook this type of food (or know how) so it’s always a treat for us to have it.

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  1. BCSikhYouth says:

    On the topic of Punjabi, Davinder SIngh had a great post in his blog today about Punjabi. check it out.

    BC Sikh Youth
    Sikh Youth

  2. ishtmeet says:

    Hi Gurmustuk,
    Can you please get me Dr Balkar Singh’s telephone in Espanola or Patiala. I was his son’s coursemate in Engineering and lost touch with him. Will appreciate if you could help in this regard.


  3. I forwarded your message on to him.

  4. SikhsRus says:

    For great Indian (Punjabi)cooking, my wife and I use this book:

    “Indian Cooking” by Julie Sahni

    There are a few versions of the book. She covers a lot of stuff.