The 3HO Events Office and SikhNet Office

Jaap Kaur and Her Son Vasu Sukhmani.

Today I went down to the 3HO events office to take some pictures of the staff for their website and I ended up having a lot of fun. I always thought it funny seeing the polarity in our offices. The SikhNet office is all techy guys, and the 3HO events office is pretty much all girls (most not so techy). It’s a whole different energy. The SikhNet offices are typical guy offices… (let’s just say we don’t decorate as nice as the Girls). We have to mix it up somehow. SikhNet needs more feminine energy to take care of the Sikh women’s needs and give a different approach.

So…after I took pictures I ended up having a few different impromtu chats with people talking about our local community and making the 3HO events more visible and known to the Sikh community as a whole. Most of the 3HO events are not Sikh specific camps and have all kinds of different people, so part of it is orienting the camps to Sikhs in a way that is appealing. The Winter Solstice Camp in Florida is coming up at the end of Decemeber. We’ll be posting info on that soon. Right Jaap Kaur? The pressure is on. hahaha..

Jaap Kaur has a young boy who everyone in the office seems to have adopted. It was soo cool seeing all the girls pass around little Vasu.

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