Car Shopping…. and Truck replaced by Bajaj scooter?

As I’m sure many of you are aware gas/petrol prices have been extremely high this year. Those who have been to America will have noticed that this is the country with the GIANT gas guzzling cars and trucks. Everyone wants to be the king of the road and have the biggest car/truck. Every year they seem to get bigger and bigger! Very different from Europe where people have a little more sense and have smaller more economical cars.

I currently drive a 1994 Mazda Navajo SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle which is basically a two door Ford Explorer) and it is falling apart by the day so we are planning and saving for a replacement car. It’s been a juggling act to find the right blend of features and price range. Even though we are planning to buy a used car it can be overwhelming trying to find the right car. Arjan is going to drive the car and her main criteria is being a “well built car” with decent mileage and the main feature…three rows of seats so that there is room for more kids and passengers. Most of the cars that have this feature are huge SUV’s (gas guzzlers) and Mini Vans (Arjan thinks they are dorky)…so that leaves “wagons”. So…right now we are looking into a used Volvo V70 . I don’t know why I’m telling all this. Oh well.

Amar Prakash Singh sent me a few photos and his story of how he switched from his big truck to the “Indian Super Mini”. Here is his story:

“For about 6 months I have been giving the idea of inexpensive and economical transportation serious consideration. For the past 16 years, I have been running an office cleaning service out of the back of my Ford Ranger. The truck is getting a little old and should be replaced, however, I refuse to pay $15,000 dollars for a vehicle that gets only 20 or 25 mpg.

A couple of months ago, you posted a couple of photos of some Bajaj scooters that had been imported from India. I went to the BajajUSA site and much to my surprise, they were also importing the three wheelers. Took one look at the Delivery Van model and said “That’s the vehicle for me!!” The best part is that my wife took one look and said “I’m sold!! ”

Took delivery last week and already have it in service.”

Some matches are made in heaven….but others are made right here on Hahahahaha. The Ash and Gurumustuk Bachola service will not only find you a husband/wife but we’ll find you a car! (Well…let’s see if I can find myself a car first!)

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