Arjan and Narayan watching the Native Americans from the local Pueblo do their special method of cooking fish (which someone from a pueblo in Washington caught and brought down to NM). They dig a huge pit and had the fish lined up around the fire. Narayan kept asking Arjan “Why do they eat fish?”. We tried to explain as best we could (we are vegetarians).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God, I turned vegetarian couple of months ago. it took several years to understand that animals have right of freedom to live, they also have concious and take care and protect their offsprings just humans do. Human beings are more supreme than these naive animals and we abuse our power to harvest them and kill them for our bud tastes…

    Now at restaruants I feel right when I order vege dishes, sometimes I have to suggest what to do to make an vege dish.

    However, I do not hate people who eat meat, because one day they will realize its purely wrong. if do not realize this fact maybe next life time.