Carefree Kids Playing in the Mud Puddles

It sure is refreshing to see kids play and be fool of joy. They are so innocent and carefree. This afternoon after the “mommas” where hanging out as the kids were playing in the trench of mud from the irrigation ditch. It was pretty fun to watch them.

These days my blog posts have been mostly happenings and less thoughts and writings. I’ve been super busy at work with all kinds of stuff. Also squeezing in the Turban tying videos which are almost complete (first round). Still more to to.

Anyways… hopefully these pictures make you smile and brighten up your day a little. Remember yourself as a child. :)

5 Responses to “Carefree Kids Playing in the Mud Puddles”

  1. isingh says:

    well, i was going to bed and then i saw this movie posted…i figured i watch it before someone just takes it off from their blog for some unknown reason…

    And i’m glad i did! LOL!!! btw, is that an accent i hear? (mix of east,west, midwest, far-east)?

    kids are sooooo carefree…:)

  2. Jaspal says:

    aahhh I remember my days as a kid now. Well, not really grown up yet anyway. hehe.

    indeed isingh, kids are carefree, a trait which we as adults have forgotten.

  3. Darsh KHALSA says:

    cute naked beauties. :D hahaa.

  4. Gurukarm Kaur says:

    “and be fool of joy” – great typo, how very appropos!! :-D

  5. xSHANTIx says:

    i still do this kinda thing :D