Beautiful New Mexico

Well, here I am driving and trying to capture this beautiful scene out my window. Isn’t it nice? In the background are the Santa Fe mountains (?). Great wilderness, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing/snowboarding in the winter time (It does snow here).

I took Narayan to go to soccer/football practice, but he didn’t want to play so we ended up just hanging out on the field and eating dinner.

11 Responses to “Beautiful New Mexico”

  1. Jaspal says:

    More beautiful landscapes. Are those pictures from Prabhu’s blog?

  2. GMS Singh Jee, do you ever get fed up of the beautiful scenery and long for deary, bleak ol’ englaaand? hehe.

  3. Jaspal: I took these photos yesterday while I was driving to take Narayan to soccer.

  4. Gurpreet: No way! Though I’m sure the Enlish landscape might be nice too.

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

    I started my blog with pictures I took while driving to Santa Fe!
    You’re copying me :-) Just kidding.
    We’ve gone pretty far without too much overlap. Your blog is what inspired me to start one.

  6. I rarely drive places, unlike Prabhu who drives to Los Alamos every day and takes weekend trips all over the place. It’s good though to give people a flavor of the New Mexico environments.

  7. isingh says:

    There wasn’t much overlap guys. I hadn’t seen this scene (of those ant hills) in Prabhu’s blog. We’re definitely coming there to ski one of these days. One thing that I found amazing on prabhu’s blog was picture of Snow in the middle of summer. Well we have something that no one has in the world (except for Japan I think)…Fall Foliage!

  8. Prabhu Singh says:

    If the outing occurs like I’m hoping, isingh, I will have some fall foliage from New Mexico that will really surprise you. It surprised me when I first visited that place. I’m planning to go there towards the end of October. It will of course be on my blog.

  9. Prabhu Singh says:

    Sorry I have to make another comment.
    Santa Fe Mountains? Come on Gurumustuk, you’ve lived here long enough :-)
    They are part of the Rocky Mountains, and this range is known as the Sangre De Cristo (translated: Blood of Christ) Mountains. To the West of Española the mountains are called Jemez (for those who are not familiar with Spanish, the ‘J’ in Jemez is pronounced like an ‘H’).
    Here is the link to my post with similar pictures:

  10. isingh says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!Prabhu, i was kinda shocked to see the question mark as well. Gurumustak, you’ve lost all the credibility (as far as Espa NEOLA is concerned)…tut! tut! tut! :)

  11. Busted. Well… I really don’t get around. I have lived here for 7+ years and have hardly seen much of New Mexico (other than the closeby areas).

    All this computer stuff…and being a family man makes it harder.