Beautiful Espanola Sunsets – Time for Rest

One thing which I love about New Mexico is the wide open skies and the spectacular colors that you get at all times of the day. As I was blogging earlier I looked out the window and saw this sky. I think it is appropriate for the day. I sure am tired. So much been going on these days. I think it is a message to take the night off from blogging and being on the computer. Sort-of. Hahaha….

It’s good to see that Ek Ong Kaar Kaur wrote a post on the blog. She is covering me. She is such a good writer and always has inspiring personal experiences to share. We should encourage her to post more :)

5 Responses to “Beautiful Espanola Sunsets – Time for Rest”

  1. No earthquakes, floods, tornadoes. It's pretty relaxed here.

    More likely things might be drought or nuclear issues from the Los Alamos National Labs (where the Nuclear bomb was born).

    Prabhu Singh posted some info on the climate and info on Espanola. you can check his blog and do a search.

  2. Jaspal says:

    Those Espanola skylines sure are beautiful.

    Gurumustuk, what is the climate like there? Earth quakes? Tornados’s, Hurricanes? How safe an area is it? (Of course no area is safe, but some are safer than others..etc.).

    I could just pull up a a “Manja” and just chill under those skyes.

    ahhhhhhhhh haha.

  3. Jaspal says:

    Gurumustuk already beat you to it, i was doing multiple blog browsing. haha.

  4. isingh says:

    yes, please Ek Ong Kaar! and what happened to Guruka Singh Ji?

  5. VaheGuruu says:

    Vaheguruu that is beautiful doing Naam simran in the open air would be such an amazing experience… vaheguruu