Help with Bandwidth Costs for Audio and Videos?

More and more people are visiting this blog and watching videos which is totally cool!! I love posting little videos that give a different viewpoint than pictures. However with that comes the additional bandwidth costs. I just starting using an awesome new blog service which I highly recommend to anyone who is into blogging and might want to post audio or video in their blog. They offer a free 7 day trial and pretty inexpensive fees as long as you have minimal bandwidth. You get 5GB of bandwidth per month free, of which I have already used in the first day from people watching videos. It’s $1 per GB of bandwidth after that.

So if you can, please do make donation to help pay for the bandwidth costs. Give a couple of dollars…or whatever you can. It all helps. Click on the button below to make a donation. Thanks for your support! :) – Gurumustuk

ps. This is a donation to me personally (not SikhNet), because I run the blog personally and pay for the expenses out of my pocket.

24 Responses to “Help with Bandwidth Costs for Audio and Videos?”

  1. isingh says:

    Gurumustak, I’ve noticed that when you play a video (to the end), then play another video (to the end) and then another video (to the end) and so on…leave the page and when you come back to the page with all the videos…they ALL start playing (together) again without the user hitting “play”…

    well, i’m guilty of playing the videos on your blog over and over (for my daughter)…i wonder if there’d be a way to download the movies (like the Izat de Punjab)?…

  2. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I tried it…but couldn’t re-produce it. In any case I sent the info on to support for for them to check into.

  3. isingh says:

    sorry Gurumustak, i should’ve specified the issue more. it’s not happening with audioblog but rather all the other ones (non-audioblog video files)…

    sorry again!

  4. Sikhi Seeker says:

    Yeah…that’s true. But I experienced this on MSingh’s blog.

  5. Jaspal says:

    I cannot afford to make a donation myself, I have mortgage payments..etc, family commitments.

    I did ask some friends of mine, who said something that made me think.

    I know this will sound really bad, But rest assure from my next pay, you will get a small donation.

    3HO have ,Akal Security, Yogi teas brand..etc. Big multinational businesses which go into the hundreds of millions, I mean hundreds, in profit. (worth in the billions)

    Thats what my friends said.

    Gurumustuk, to be honest with you, if I was a billionaire, you would never have to ask for a donation.

    I guess its the world we live in.

    No problem.

    Oh and before anybody starts on me, think ok. I am not making excuses, just a point I want to share with you guys, simple, if you like, read it, if not, just ignore it.

    Just a thought.

  6. No worries Jaspal, those who are able to give something and want to help out will.

  7. Gurinder says:

    If someone cannot make a donation simply don’t make a donation, there is no point of reminding or ramifacations.

  8. isingh says:

    jaspal, as i’ve told a story here before about my best friend and what he said to me…if you want you can search for the words “best friend” on this blog…

    but the jist of it is that if you want to give, give. rest of the thoughts that follow (ex. he can afford it…he has all that money…) is the work of the devil (we don’t believe in devil as Sikhs i guess) but there is something that makes us do “bad” things…so i guess you can say that it’s the work of something that’s preventing you from doing the right thing, which is to follow your heart and you instincts.

    and you don’t have to tell us to think. we already do just fine. we learnt about the “billions” in the video that gurumustak posted here about a couple of months ago (on his blog and sikhnet). if you’d like to see it you want to search for the word “BBC2” on this blog.

    and if you want to know how to run a non-profit organization…google “creating a non-profit organization” read the key points a person has to have to be able to run it successfully. OR one would just look at Gurumustak.

    i don’t think i could do what he does. unless you’re ruthless and just plain EVIL you have to really really believe in what you’re doing before you can convince anyone else. and he shows me that he believes.

    one of my favorite columnists is Tony Kornheiser of Washington Post(…and he always says you should never ever criticize someone else’s donation…(how little or none) and first i thought he’s just a cheapo himself but after years of reading and listening to him i understood what he meant by that.

    anyways this particular request isn’t charity or a donation to ME…it’s more like “c’mon if you want to use a service that you like so much and obviously can do without…you can put down a buck or two as well…”

  9. Jaspal says:

    Exactly the response I was expecting.

    take care people.

  10. isingh says:

    argh!, jaspal, what part didn’t you like? really? honestly, and i don’t want to mislead people either. i LOVE money. (i absolutely love money! and i make no apologies for it.) people can say money doesn’t matter. not me! (i have a theory about that…people who say money doesn’t matter are the people who’ve never had to live without money!) i’ll never say that and i’ll work 100 hours a week to make sure that i don’t go back to what i’ve been through. growing up we had nothing, we slept on the floor and then graduated to a sofa in a couple of years and then a single bed in the living room in a couple of years after that. my parents and us went to grocery stores with CENTS to do groceries! i LOVE money. i don’t want to give any of it to anyone. so i’m the last person to criticize people for not giving any money for “free”. really! i understand! so i don’t know why you’re getting upset.

    the only problem is the whole 3ho thing…we’ve(i and other bloggers on this blog) been through this over and over and over…and i’m just exhausted. i used to get upset at some of gurumustak’s responses but now i understand…it must get really really really old after ohh about 10 years.

    again this is nothing personal towards…really towards anyone. you should do what feels right to you.

  11. Jaspal says:

    Singh I am not offended at all. Believe me. (it takes alot, I mean alot for someone to grab my attention)

    If I start to say what I really feel, then believe me, people will for some reason hate me. Why? The truth hurts.

    Your right, money is great. Only when its used for good purposes. Money isn’t everything, but it sure as hell makes life easy. (oh so sweet)

    As for donations, I don’t give nothing to nobody. I have my reasons. Maybe I am selfish, maybe I am. But hey I am the first to admit it. I am a contradiction case, through and through.

    Bro I love the bling bling too, make no mistakes.

    I still stand by what my friends say, its a valid point, weather people like it or not.

    If I was the owner of any of these organisations, believe me My bro who runs this site will never feel the need to ask for donation.

    No offense Gurumustuk.

    With that I shall sleep now. haha.

  12. isingh says:

    jaspal, that’s what i’m trying to get at…what is the connection between the people who own “yogi ji” brand and gurumustak? am i the only person who doesn’t see a connection? it’s like saying to a strugling black kid/family in harlem…”if i was tiger woods you’d never have to worry about paying for college”…

    am i really that naive? (totally NOT a rhetorical question!) please enlighten me. sincerely! my mind is open, my eyes shut and my ears up.

    sleep already? you’re not watching MNF?

  13. Gurinder says:

    I have family of doctors, engineers, lawyers Yet I had to pay for my education which is approx $150,000 US dollars. Now am I going to blame my relatives not helping me for my education,NOT AT ALL.. WHY are we LINKING AKAL SECURITY, YOGI PRODUCTS, OTHER BUSINESS WITH SIKHNET???????

    Anyone could make assumptions If I was the ” Owner” bla, bla….

    “I don’t give nothing to nobody. I have my reasons. Maybe I am selfish, maybe I am. But hey I am the first to admit it.”

    Thank you for your generosity of being honest…… Just use your cortex to think before something is said……..

  14. Jaspal says:

    Gurinder there is a difference between the 3HO and your family.

    I have rich family too, but you know what families are like, all talk no action.

    The 3HO businesses according to Yogi Bhajan were meant to serve a purpose, unless they have all become corrupt with their high status, money, power..etc.

    Abit like the SGPC and our corrupt organisations in India, who say they are looking after the Gurdwarey.

    oh and thanks for quoting me, your so clever. lol.

    The Sikhnet brand is still part of the 3HO promotion wagon, albeit a small one. If it wasn’t, well go figure.

    Isingh, I am going to make no comments on the Sikhnet and 3HO connection. Thats not my place to say.

    Bottom line, if we can afford we can give, if not, then hey.

    Like I said before I still stand by my statement.

    Isingh, what is MNF? (mid night football)

  15. Gurinder says:

    Jaspal singh,

    Please don’t get discouraged by reading our comments. Jaspal, I do agree that Lot of organizations are corrupt in the west and in the east.. But our job as Sikhs is to promote the message of Guru Nanak Dev ji to the rest of the world, which is love, peace, respect etc…

    But if we begin to point fingers at each other then we will come off our tracks and lose our prespective.

    Please read on….

    We all know by the history that mughals wanted to destroy sikhi, but the question is why? and How?

    Back then mughals thought that if we destroy the center (holy) of sikhs then sikhs will be destroyed. Indeed that’s what had happen back in the history. Even Indian gov thought of this tactic. But they were wrong…

    This is what I learned when I took bible studies at Lutheran university during my undergrad….

    I was only Brown skin person in the class of 60 students. The Professor from Harvard University began the day by stating how can we Convert people into Christianity. It was an interesting topic and this is what I learned how the world functions to destroy other religions.

    He said, Every religion is going to have Weak minded people and Strong minded people. Now the first step is to divide these into two groups by stirring a controversy in their religion. After a period of time that particular religion will end up into Two groups. Group A ( weak minded) and Group B( Strong minded).

    Now it is evident who is weak minded and strong minded. Now it would take less amount of energy to bring more doubt in-group A (weak minded), but we don’t need to focus on Group A. All of energy should be diverted to Group B. In order to Divide Group B we need to start a controversy on the leaders of that group so that people will divide into two groups again and so on……

    Our professor told us that they need Max of 20yrs to convert everyone into Christians. He said; our government needs to make new immigration laws that would stop new people entering into these countries. Then bring obstacles in the religion so that people find it very difficult to practice their religion on daily basis, and they will give up after some time. ( eg make it difficult to wear turban etc.. ). Mean while focus on the new generation and make it compulsory to attend church and create doubt in their minds about their own religion. And take away their Language.

    Now lets do some analysis on this:

    1) Doubts created– It is okay to eat Meat in Sikh Dharma and Guru Granth Sahib does not mentions about this issue. I have heard from Hindu scholars that Meat was served at the Golden temple during the time of Guru Arjan Dev ji. And there many other Doubts have been created. These Doubts will make pillars of Sikhism weak and will eventually divide religion in to two groups. Trust me next thing would be alcohol and drugs are also okay…

    2) Distort history, True stories about Guru ji. Create confusion among people.

    3) Make people so doubtful so that they will not trust anybody except themselves and then there will be no unification.

    I could go forever….. The question is why people want to destroy Sikhism…….

    Jaspal ji, if we begin to point fingers on people who are trying to expand sikhi then we have fallen in to their traps……….we need to be on top of their psycological game.


  16. isingh says:

    that was very educational Gurinder! thanks! sincerely! and i believe that’s exactly what’s been going on with the hindu government in india. first we faced the moguls and now hindus.

    i do disagree with one approach to convert other people. i would rather focus on weak minded to build up my numbers and then they will be my recruiters. any holes in this strategy?

    if 3ho, and my other brothers and sisters can’t see what’s going on in india, it is disappointing. and they think that sikhs cutting their hair in punjab is the people’s own will then that’s a very cowardly point of view. but if 3ho and other orgs continue to spread sikhi that disappointment turns to pure excitement for me.

    also, since they (3ho) people aren’t too involved in brownies’ matters and strictly focus on Sikhi(as they should) they can’t understand and can’t really see what’s going on and i urge them (non-Punjabi sikhs) to please give us the benefit of the doubt. and don’t go calling us “closed minded” every first chance you get. help us!! honestly, it feels like trying to swim up the waterfall sometimes…all the media, all the so called OPEN MINDED people telling us how to feel. feelings are feelings. they come from heart and we all know a heart can’t be told to feel some other way especially about things that have happened in the past. what is being done to us, what was done to us can only be avenged by helping the weak stay strong to our faith.

    of course these are just my thoughts, no action behind or (following) these words. i do want to make a difference hopefully one day, SatGuru di Mehar dai nall! i will!

    Jaspal, i had written a response to your post but it’s in the back burner now :)….but MNF stands for Monday Night Footbal (you were close!).

    we sure as heck know how to go off topic huh? :)

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

  17. isingh says:

    Jaspal, here’s the response to your post:

    i thought you was from the South (east) brotha? you aint from dc? too bad!:)

    I guess I’m too smart and too naïve. I’m too smart because I’d never fall for the sikhnet promoting the “yogi� brand, (although the tea is one of their biggest businesses Gurumustak (on his blog) doesn’t promote drinking tea and doesn’t drink it himself). So I don’t think he’s doing them any favors by saying that. J))) Would I hire Akaal security? Only if they give me lower/same price than BlackWater USA! Would I drink Yogi ji tea? Only if it tastes better than Tazo Chai! Would I support small Sikh owned businesses? Yes, and I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra for services. And once they get big I’d treat them the same way I treat any big business.

    Wait a minute! I thought we were talking about this blog not sikhnet?

    I’m too naïve cuz I think that people are smarter than a herd of sheep. But not all are. And I can’t get that through my stubborn head.

    Am I the only person on this blog who wasn’t born in a rich family?

  18. Gurinder says:

    Isinghji, I was not born in rich family. I just have family members who are educated little more. My student loan payments are startng soooon. It seems like making a payment on a home. anyways!

    I used to think TAZO chai at Star bucks is excellent, but try Chai at Panera Bread…. Its unbelieveable blend!!!

  19. Gurinder says:


    I know that you will make a differnce and so shall others. we need to educate people on sikhism that its very loving religion.

    I am sure others ( Gurumustak) as well will represent sikhism to the purest level and they are.

    My mission in the future is to educate children, fight doubts that have been created by other agents, promote higher education in every field.

    Lift the spirits of children who are caught in the waves of alcohol, drugs, prostitution, and so on. These young souls were misguided and mislead by the advantage takers……….

  20. Prabhu Singh says:

    I didn’t come from money, but I have a little now. I’ve been financially independent since I was 20. I paid for or got funding for all my schooling. I’m done with school now. I’ve worked very hard my whole life. I follow a strict budget and give at least 10% of all money I get to others.
    I like money too. It doesn’t make me happy. I have soooooo many other things, as evidenced by my blog, that make me happy. I like it because I think I can do a lot with it. You can’t have the Khalsa Raj without funding!
    Gurumustuk’s blog is seperate from Sikhnet, and both are seperate from all other 3HO entities (when it comes to funding). When Sikhnet had that Auntie Ji quiz, I realized that my use of Sikhnet costs $86 dollars a year! I hadn’t donated in over a year. Even my recent donation barely makes up for what I cost them in bandwidth. That’s just the hardware. When you factor in the few hundred dollars I’ve given in the last few years, I don’t know if my donations have made any difference in providing the service to others.
    As far as giving goes: it’s karmic. You receive what you put out there. If you want to feel rich start giving money away. I give money to all sorts of people/organizations and I do it regularly, that makes me feel rich. Even if it is not that much, people still appreciate it and thank you for your generosity.
    The more money I make the more people around me benefit as well. This is what life is all about and the only reason I wish to make money.

  21. isingh says:

    it does feel good to give(not just money but everything that’s good in life)! it makes you feel alive. there isn’t a feeling in the world that you can substitute for it.

  22. Jaspal says:


    I totally agree with you. Yes I am pointing the finger, not at Gurumustuk Singh, but at these b*st*rd organisations who get so big that they think they know whats right for the panth. Problem is we see new organisations who make alot of money, and you think, they can influence a change (as we know that very little people listen to the poor man), but nope. Just another player.

    We have it right now, the 3HO’s version is sikhi is different to that of the AKJ’s (who believe that Keski is 5th Kakkar and do not believe that Raagmaala is Bani), they again differ from the Snatan Sikhs, who say that the Gurus started 4 orders within Sikhi (which totally baffles me as Guru Ji revealed the oneness of Waheguru and of humanity), they in turn differ to the Taksali Sikhs.

    SO many divisions. Who is fueling them?

    Most are fueled from outside, RSS..etc. But majority is fuel by us. We are killing each other from within, dog eat dog.

    The Hindus in India are attacking the Sikhs, building Mandhirs next to each and every Gurdwara.

    They are now complaining that the Muslim population makes up 38% of the total count of India. Soon they will elect them out.

    I know where you are coming from Gurinder, Isingh, believe me I do.

    I am only against Evil and any manifestation of it. Period and I will uproot it.

    If you guys wanna talk more, drop me a mail bomb, email is on my profile.

    We need to unite. We need to do this NOW. Not tommorow, not in three months, not when we are ready. NOW. We need to wake up and smell whats cooking.

    ps. bush, blair, freemasons, illuminati. :o)

  23. Jaspal says:

    Lastly and I think we should call it a day.


    Meat is not a issue, people have made it one.

    Stories about Guru Ji. People should stop listening to zeetv and start reading Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Vaaran, Dasam Granth, Mahan Kosh, Suraj Granth, Panth Parkash, Sarbloh Granth and read the books written by “Arthur Macauliffe” – probably aruguably one of the best Sikh scholars. Yes I call him a Sikh, you need to look up on how much time and effort he put into learning persion, bhraj, Gurmukhi to decipher Gurbani.

    Above all, all we need is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    For when we die, we are taking no stories with us..etc.

    Time to wake up.

    ps. this is my last post here, anyone wanna beat me up, mail me. hehe