The sweet “pudhs” as she is affectionately known by her sister. This was a nick name which came from the well known word “padh”…as in “flatulate”. I’m sure you can guess where this came from.

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  1. isingh says:

    LOL!!! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA! i can’t believe you said that! i had to do a double take…LOL!!! that was too funny! i’ve never “met” anyone with that name! OMG that is too funny…and she’s WHITE!!! :) LOL!!!

  2. For us “India Kid” parents… these are the code words that we use in America…rather than “fart”. Most americans don’t knw what you are talking about if you say “Did you Padh?”. Narayan Padh Mara!

  3. Sikhi Seeker says:

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  4. Sikhi Seeker says:

    the poor girl is going to hate you all for doing this to her :P:P, when she grows up to understand it well nuff..hehe