The Indeep Kaur’s Interview with Ashvinder

Indeep Kaur doing a surprise interview with Ashvinder about finding someone special. This was while we were driving in the car through southall, UK. Notice the “microphone” which is a prop…and actually Ash’s cell phone. Ash promised to put put a video online of himself… but this is a SAMPLE marriage interview of Ash. Emphasis on the word SAMPLE. Ash is not actively looking, he is just keeping a promise.

Note: Ashvinder is not looking, so no marriage requests. Ok? This is just for fun.

3 Responses to “The Indeep Kaur’s Interview with Ashvinder”

  1. isingh says:

    So…wait! Ash is looking then? cool! (i got confused with the post text and then he started speaking and it totally looked (in his eyes) and sounded like a desperate cry for a mate “MARRY ME NOW!!!SOMEONE, ANYONE!!!”)

    well let me tell you about my cousin sister!!! she’s sooooooo very pretty na. she’s wery vhite, (ohh hath layan mali hundi hai/she gets dirty if you touch her!)…

    and Ash buddy you don’t have to worry about your mom and mom’s mom and dad’s mom and dad or sister liking her cuz she can make the perfect GOL/round ROTIAN and she can choparr(butter) the rotian on anyside they’d like (i wish my wife wasn’t so stubborn and did that!!!!!)

    just gimme a call…so i can get your bio data for the janam patri match…you’ll be sooooo wery happy. i’m so glad you’re finally settling down putt(son)! all those (pool)partiyan neva does you any good. it’s about time! shabaash bachai! too(n) finally sudhar giyan!

    “it must be football season!”:)))

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    The end is too funny. Lol for reals.

  3. gurudarshan says:

    so I’m doing the ‘review of all the blogs every posted by mr. sikhnet’ and when I came across this video – I loved it! Inspires me to put a lot of my friends here in Espanola on the spot! Thanks for the laughs and realness..

    god bless