Ash interviews “Massive Singh”

We are lucky enough to meet so many Sikhs through the internet and motivational talks, so we figured it would be great to help some of our friends meet up. So we now have informally setup The Ash and Gurumustuk Bachola Service (Bachola = Matchmaker) The following video is from a Goony Singh from the UK. Hope you enjoy.

2 Responses to “Ash interviews “Massive Singh””

  1. ghost says:

    ur massive Singh

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey Massive man I do like your British accent. Also, don’t rush for marriage. You are too young ( only 23 years old) to be ready for marriage. It is funny how you said ” without help of Gurumasutuk and Ash, you will never get married”
    World must be a crazy place. Afterall, you are depending on these two guys to find suitable friend/life partner.