Sikh in Houston: Katrina Volunteer Relief Efforts

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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

Friends in Texas have been sending e-mails to each other – sharing what’s happening with the relief efforts in Houston and how the Sikhs are getting involved. Here’s some excerpts from some of the emails that have been sent…. Blessings… – Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

Wednesday, September 7, 2005
As you know, thousands of evacuees from the hurricane have come on their own or have been brought to Houston for shelter. The whole city of Houston has come together so far with an enormous response of volunteers and supplies. The Astrodome and George R. Brown Convention Center have been turned into well organized shelters and are covering many, many needs including providing medical care, meals, clothing and supplies, telephone banks, etc.

The Houston 3HO Sikh Sangat is very small but at least five of us have spent time volunteering at the Astrodome working in whatever capacity was our expertise or where we were needed. We have been well received and they are grateful for the help. There are two categories of volunteers: medical and non-medical. In the medical area a volunteer is utilized according to how they are licensed. In the non-medical area a call for a job to be filled is made and volunteers who can fill those jobs are sent there.
The Sikh Center in Houston is also sending volunteers to the Astrodome. In my humble assessment, it is not really an issue here in Houston that the city has a lack of hands to do the work. Houston is a very large city and has the man-power. What is important though, is that there be a strong Sikh presence. The Siri Singh Sahib said we must be known for our service so anyone who wishes to come and serve is welcome.

There is another need for service. United Sikhs has organized a lungar kitchen in Baton Rouge and they are in desperate need of volunteers. That city, from what I understand, has nearly doubled their population with hurricane evacuees. You should call Kuldip Singh with United Sikhs who is coordinating volunteers at 404-550-8356. Also, this is the email address of Mejindarpal Kaur who is the point person for that lungar seva in Baton Rouge [email protected] They will be most grateful for any extra hands. You can see what they are doing on their website

Keep us informed of any plans that may be made within the Espanola sangat.

Love and blessings, Guru Gian Kaur

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