Blog Revolution!

Well…. it seems like the blog seeds were planted and now blogs are sprouting all over the place! It’s Blog Party!! It’s cool having the local blog “circle” of different people in the same city/community and sharing their experiences and life. Even though it is the same area it is so different. It’s cool when they intersect too.

Two more locals and friends are now blogging:

Auntie Guru Meher Kaur who I lived with for quite a few years in my late teen years before I got married. She took good care of me :) She is the mother of Guru Darbar Singh who is a good friend of mine and old school mate.

Then there is my Funkadelic Sister…. I mean Super Bibi…. Guru Darshan Kaur who loves photography among many other things. You can check her new blog out at:

The Sikh Blogger Page on SikhiWiki is growing daily. When I first started blogging in March I couldn’t find many Sikh bloggers so started this page to keep track of them. Now see what has happened! I remember hearing “blog this” and “blog that”…but I really didn’t get what hype was about blogs until I joined the ranks. The power of personal connection with the masses!

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