Are you Naked….whoops…I mean Knackered?

If you are ever walking down the street in England and you hear someone say they are might wonder what they are talking about. I remember when I was at the Sikh Camp…and was behind one person who said to a friend how “Knackered” they were….I was thinking….”Whoa!” what are they talking about. I asked them…and they said…not “Naked” but “Knackered”…..which I guess means “very tired” or “exhausted”. If you are not listening carefully you can mistake the two words. Anyways….since then I noticed everyone using that word and thought it was pretty amusing. There are all kinds of interesting English words and slang that I learnt while I was there in England.

2 Responses to “Are you Naked….whoops…I mean Knackered?”

  1. xSHANTIx says:

    hehe my parents used to tell me off for using that word!!

  2. In Singapore when people get very tired or exhausted they say “SHAKKED”. Cool finding out the lingo’s of other cultures. :)

    Sat Nam
    Kawal Khalsa